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2NE1 – I LOVE YOU September 20, 2012

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First off, I LOVE YOU is another one of those Japanese self-covers of their Korean releases which is a little surprising after showing up with “SCREAM” and all that.  Not many were too enthusiastic with the song because it really wasn’t them and didn’t have the edge or force to make it rise like their big songs.  To me though, I kind of like the sultry atmosphere and the mysterious flow, especially whenever Minzy sings because she was just oozing sex appeal in the tune.  Bom sung too as well as Dara but neither of them really stuck out and CL was doing her rap shtick.  As for the Japanese, not bad…I think it sounds clear, but then again as vague as the song is…it’s not really hard to mess it up XD. 



I think my biggest disappointment from this single is the fact that it’s empty as hell, I would’ve figured they’d tagged the Korean version as well like more Korean groups have done in the past but NOPE, it’s just the A-side and the instrumental this time around.  I konw they’re hella busy with their American stuff and etc. but damn, this single couldve used a lot more substance than what we got (even if the song isn’t half bad).


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