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NIKIIE – CHROMATOGRAPHY September 20, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Duty Friend
  2. Running Bird
  3. Hikari no Tsuki
  4. Everytime
  5. harmonic harmonist

1. Duty Friend

I like that NIKIIE kicked things off with the digital single that preceded the mini-album.  I have to say that this is pretty vibrant in NIKIIE terms because of the funky arrangement and cool sax lines at the intro.  It’s pretty good and utilizes her piano playing in a much more upbeat and lively vibe!

2. Running Bird

Though it’s not a NIKIIE release without some ballads that kind of remind me of “*(NOTES)”.  At first I kind of felt the flow of the song sounded off, but things quickly get back in line when the drums join in.  The song is pretty simple and to the point, but I don’t remember much from this one as it’s kind of a slow burner.

3. Hikari no Tsuki

The same thing kind of applies here for Hikari no Tsuki, but it’s a little more simple and features acoustic guitar alongside NIKIIE’s piano.  I can tell there are some jazz stylings, but it’s a lot like “Running Bird” with it’s slow atmosphere and not a real interesting hook.  At least her vocals are really nice in this song.

4. Everytime

As the lead-in song for the mini-album, Everytime was pretty surprising in some ways and even moreso that it’s on a mini-album where things  are a bit toned down in mood.  I kind of like that it’s the other upbeat song but with a bit of an emotional tinge to it.  The Engrish is pretty evident, but the song is just a little ray of sunshine and she pulled this off nicely!

5. harmonic harmonist

The Engrish continues onto the final track of the mini-album but it’s not as weird sounding as in “Everytime”.  When the song started, I was kind of surprised it was just acoustic guitar.  Once again though, once the additional instruments are added, it kind of reminds of her stuff from her debut once again, but a little more refined, I guess?  Not bad, but I kind of forget about it.



NIKIIE’s second mini-album, I kind of feel the same way as I did with her first one, “hachimitsu e.p.” in the way that, it’s more of the same same that we’ve been getting from her since her debut.  Though unlike her first mini, I only really remember two of the songs (which are oddly enough the digital single, Duty Friend and the promotional track, Everytime).  I kind of want something powerful like “Gensou Form”…is that too much to ask for?



  1. bladeblur Says:

    You probably know that Duty Friend was a tie in.

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