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U-KISS – Stop Girl September 23, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Imma New Thing (Intro)
  2. Stop Girl
  3. Time To Go
  4. Remember (Acoustic Ver.)
  5. Sexy Baby
  6. Stop Girl (English Ver,)
  7. Stop Girl (Instrumental)

1. Imma New Thing (Intro)

Opening the mini-album is a 30-second intro which doesn’t really mean much to me since it’s short and doesn’t leave much to grasp upon.  It just is seemingly there put the purpose of just having one >.>

2. Stop Girl

As the leading track, Stop Girl is kind going back in time for them when they were pretty much about R&B in their sound which isn’t bad persay, but the song doesn’t really interest me much.  I guess I can say that hearing Hoon more than normal is a winning situation, but the song isnt very intriguing and kind of lost focus.  Though the group has been inconsistent with their songs in 2012.

3. Time To Go

Another clock reference?  The clock ticking does remind me a lot of “Tick Tack” which is a pretty cool thing for them since that song was epic.  I actually wouldn’t have mind this being the leading track since it has more substance as a slower track.  I like all the different directions the song goes through and…is that AJ?  What’s he doing here?  Not bad of a song but I feel like it’s too short and it is at only 3 minutes…and that fade-out was in pretty bad taste too…still I enjoyed this a lot.

4. Remember (Acoustic Ver.)

So our next track is only sung by Kevin and Soohyun and why am I not surprised since they are the prime singers in the group.  The song is pretty much the simplest thing the guys have done since it’s acoustic guitar and strings.  I kind of liked hearing Kevin in a deeper tone and of course Soohyun just sung his heart out here and I liked it, but the song is a borefest of a ballad.

5. Sexy Baby

As the edgiest track on the mini, Sexy Baby also has AJ appearing in it (does he know the word hiatus?).  I kind of like the cooler feel of the song since it reminds me of “AMAZING” from “DORADORA”.  It’s actually not a bad song, but it still kind of comes up short to their other sexy songs.  So much for that.

6. Stop Girl (English Ver.)

Now here is something interesting.  I’ve never heard the guys singing in English before so this was a new horizon to try out.  For the most part, they didn’t do half bad and it kind of works a bit better than the original Korean version oddly enough.  Though I’m loving Eli and Dongho in the song though, their English is quite perfect.  Soohyun and Hoon has a harder time, but they pull it off…and Kevin well in between I guess.  Not a bad first and I hope they do more of this in future releases.

These guys have been seriously putting WAY TOO MUCH out this year and it’s effecting their quality of the songs by a big margin.  While this isn’t as tragic as “DORADORA”, Stop Girl doesn’t leave much to remember it by.  I do like they got nostalgic and released the titled track since it’s all sultry in its R&B style.  The rest of the songs are there and they aren’t offensive, but it’s not at the level as their Fanclub mini.  Plus, why is AJ here, I thought he was on hiatus…oh well…


chatmonchy – Convenience Honeymoon

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Track Listing

  1. Convenience Honeymoon

1. Convenience Honeymoon

As I would’ve expect, chatmonchy would put out a slower track as an A-side and for some reason, I kind of really enjoyed the toned down vibes and for the most part, Eriko didn’t sound bad here.  It might not be the strongest song of the era, but it did its job and stayed true to the band.


I wish I could say the same for the single’s B-side.  It’s actually VERY off the wall for the duo.  I mean it sounds ridiculously cheap and has most of the song focus on this synth line.  I’m actually surprised this is another cover (from Akemi Ishii).  I still can’t believe that this song is the only track in the era that doesn’t really feature guitars period!  I’m kind of on the fence if I actually really enjoyed it or despise it.



As it’s the duo’s 5th and final single before releasing their first album as a duo, “Henshin”, Convenience Honeymoon might not be their best release, but this wasn’t terrible.  The leading track is a bit laidback from their previous 4 but it’s a solid A-side worthy of being on the album.  The B-side isn’t as big of a disaster like “Yume Mitai da” was, but it’s very unusual for them IMO.  Not bad and I liked that Tamio Okuda produced and sung on the tracks too, gave the duo a deeper voice for the single.


Porno Graffitti – Kageboshi

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Track Listing

  1. Kageboshi
  2. Yagate Kanashiki Rock’n Roll
  3. Loose

1. Kageboshi

Well I kind of thought the duo would stay away from ballads for a while, but with Kageboshi, they return to it and it actually really quite compared to “Yuki no Iro”.  For its simplicity, I actually kind of liked the song quite a bit.  I mean it’s rare to see PG actually impress me, but it’s catchy and Akihito’s vocals are really stable and actually good.  Not bad, not bad.

2. Yagate Kanashiki Rock’n Roll

I was kind of surprised that the song has the words Rock’n Roll in it, but is far from it because it has a lot of synth horns and synths that overpower Haruichi’s guitarwork.  Despite that, the song fills in my need for a fun and strong track from the duo since it’s fun and feels like A-side material as well. 

3. Loose

As for the other B-side on the single, Loose would be the ballad that I would kind of avoid in this case because it’s oddly strange to say that this is even QUIETER than “Kageboshi”.  I mean the first verse is merely piano and water droplets.  Once Akihito gets further, the songs gets added strings and then Haruichi joins in the chorus and sings alongside.  It’s not as bad as I initially thought it would be, but the previous two tracks outweigh this one.



Kicking off a new set of releases, Kageboshi is quite the quiet single.  I mean Kageboshi and Loose are the ballads here and oddly enough worked nice as well.  I wasn’t disappointed at all.  At least Yagate Kanashiki Rock’n Roll was there to lift spirits up and it just really sounds good altogether.


Kavka Shishido – Aisuru Kakugo

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Track Listing

  1. Aisuru Kakugo
  2. Survival
  3. Countdown (CD only)
  4. Day Dream Rider (CD only)
  5. a.notice (CD+DVD only)

1. Aisuru Kakugo

Even though this is Kavka’s second song, Aisuru Kakugo is a good way to introduce us to Kavka actually.  With most of the arrangement being based around her drumming skills, the song is quite charming and catchy.  As for her voice, it’s a bit tight in places but she adds this cuteness which is unusual but awesome at the same time.  A pretty solid way to debut here!

2. Survival

The next track, Survival doesn’t seem to depend on the percussion so much, but focuses more on Kavka’s vocals and I kind of like what I’m hearing here as well.  It’s a bit lighter and less playful than “Aisuru Kakugo” but it’s good for B-side material.  I like that she also kind of adds some sexiness and edge with her vocals…it’s nice to hear that LOL.

3. Countdown

On the CD only edition of the single, we get TWO extra tracks!  The first is Countdown and I’m just loving the drive with this one since it has a lot of good guitar riffs and Kavka’s vocals are even cooler to hear.  It’s edgy and just rockin’ in such a good way.  Definitely my favorite off the single for sure!

4. Day Dream Rider

I’m happy she added the digital single to the single because Day Dream Rider was pretty cool.  Though I can’t say that the auto-tune was making her sound good with the rock riffs.  Though the chorus is pretty rad and she has style IMO.  I still enjoy the song but I feel like Aisuru Kakugo and Countdown did a much better job showing off Kavka’s abilities.

5. a.notice

On the CD+DVD version, you only get one extra track and sadly it’s merely a drum solo from Kavka.  Now I don’t mind this because this shows that this girl has TALENT!  She’s powerful and has this spark that really shows a LOT of potential from her.  Though I am a little disappointed that this after “Survival”.



Wow, for a debut Kavka really set out to be unique!  Aisuru Kakugo is a pretty good debut and fortunately for her, totally showcased her abilities at the forefront of the title track and Countdown which was amazing.  Day Dream Rider is still good though the auto-tune here was a little unnerving at points.  Survival did a lot for her vocals and I can see her being more badass and a.notice did the same but with her drum skills.  Though I kind of wished she stuck all 5 songs together on one disc rather than how it was released.


ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!! ….Has it really been that long?

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Like really, I haven’t added anyone since February….how crazy is that?!? Since then I’ve only added two acts in the months between so now I’m going to profile those AND the new ones so GET READY!!!


The first group I added since the last ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!!, ABCHO is a unit that is made up of Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa.  Now you might be thinking that…wait…Isn’t that HANGRY & ANGRY?  Essentially it is, but the motive for them is a tad different since they sang a theme for an anime, “Me wo Tojite Gyuushiyou”…They haven’t done much since, but here’s hoping something happens either with H&A or ABCHO.

Up Up Girls (Kari)

The other group I’ve reviewed before now, Up Up Girls (Kari) are a Up-Front group consisting of 7 of the Hello! Pro Eggs.  They actually formed last year, but in 2012, they have started releasing original material…and I mean A LOT OF IT.  As of now, I’ve reviewed four singles with two more on the way AND they’re moving labels to T-Palette (familiar to me because they’ll be on the same label as Vanilla Beans).  SO BUSY OF A GROUP!

Kavka Shishido

When I first saw her preview for “Daydream Rider”, I kind of double taked because she looked a lot like Chiaki Kuriyama, but knows how to play drums and damn she’s good.  I will start reviewing with her debut, “Aisuru Kakugo”.


I know I’ve said before that I would pass her up reviewing, but recently, she’s been standing out and becoming super cool with her upcoming album.  I might review “SPIRIT” before it, but I know I’ll review both albums hopefully.


Well, I guess I have to be somewhat original in the next artist and SHOW is definitely the guy to go to…being as he’s from Taiwan and all that lol, I will start with his legit debut single, “DANTE”.


A rather new anison artist, she’s already climbing the charts with similar power like Nana Mizuki ^_^.  I will begin with reviewing her best single yet, “crossing field”.


Another anison artist that I’ve come to enjoyed since she collaborated with Makkun (Masami Okui), May’n also has a pretty powerful voice and a nice catalog of singles.  I will begin with her single “Chase the world”.


So you get 2/3 of Kalafina, Yuuka Nanri, Kaori Oda and Yuki herself in a group, you know I’m all for it!  Even though the idea of FictionJunction has been around for a long time, there is finally a group with just FJ with no member name after.  I will start with their first single “Parallel Hearts”.


I noticed a lot of my readers REALLY wanted me to add RADWIMPS so I did lol.  As a pretty hi-energy band, I kind of liked some of the stuff I heard so I will begin with “Kyoushinshou”


Why this boy-ban…..WAIT…these are GIRLS!?!?!  Yup, Fudanjuku’s shtick is that they are dressing up like guys and oddly enough works it like its nothing and I LOVE that about this group, I will begin with their single “Love Spider” (I think it’s the first since the kanji in the name changed).

Acid Black Cherry

Yup, even though Acid Black Cherry is a band persay, it really is a solo prejcet for Yasu as well since he’s pretty much the face of the band LOL.  Anyways, I might review “2012”, but will probably skip the singles since there’s just too many LOL.


FLiP is a group that really reminds me of SCANDAL, chatmonchy, and Stereopony all rolled into one and I find that pretty cool!  I will begin reviewing them with their single “Hoshii Mono wa”.


Hehehe, you know once I found out that MiKA was Nana Mizuki’s sister, I was on the train to add her to the blog!  I’m really excited to actually hear what she has since she’s been singing for quite a while too.  I will be reviewing Chizu no Arika/Watashi no Ikiri Imi.

Eri Kitamura

My love for anison singers is continually growing it seems.  As the better voice in ARTERY VEIN, Eri Kitamura has really surprised me with her solo career as well…I’ll review her upcoming single “Destiny ^^

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku

Nothing like another idol group to infiltrate the blog.  As they are called the sisters of Momoiro Clover Z, I can totally see it since they have strange covers and presentation.  I will begin with their major single, “Karikeiyaku no Cinderella”.

THE Possible

So here is the last group I’m adding, THE Possible.  They of course were the first group Tsunku made with just H!P Eggs (yeah, S/mileage doesn’t have that award!), though they moved to different labels and in 2012, moved to Victor which is where I will start with the first single under that label, “Nanja Korya?!



So there you have it! the new additions!