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chatmonchy – Convenience Honeymoon September 23, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Convenience Honeymoon

1. Convenience Honeymoon

As I would’ve expect, chatmonchy would put out a slower track as an A-side and for some reason, I kind of really enjoyed the toned down vibes and for the most part, Eriko didn’t sound bad here.  It might not be the strongest song of the era, but it did its job and stayed true to the band.


I wish I could say the same for the single’s B-side.  It’s actually VERY off the wall for the duo.  I mean it sounds ridiculously cheap and has most of the song focus on this synth line.  I’m actually surprised this is another cover (from Akemi Ishii).  I still can’t believe that this song is the only track in the era that doesn’t really feature guitars period!  I’m kind of on the fence if I actually really enjoyed it or despise it.



As it’s the duo’s 5th and final single before releasing their first album as a duo, “Henshin”, Convenience Honeymoon might not be their best release, but this wasn’t terrible.  The leading track is a bit laidback from their previous 4 but it’s a solid A-side worthy of being on the album.  The B-side isn’t as big of a disaster like “Yume Mitai da” was, but it’s very unusual for them IMO.  Not bad and I liked that Tamio Okuda produced and sung on the tracks too, gave the duo a deeper voice for the single.


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