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Kavka Shishido – Aisuru Kakugo September 23, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Aisuru Kakugo
  2. Survival
  3. Countdown (CD only)
  4. Day Dream Rider (CD only)
  5. a.notice (CD+DVD only)

1. Aisuru Kakugo

Even though this is Kavka’s second song, Aisuru Kakugo is a good way to introduce us to Kavka actually.  With most of the arrangement being based around her drumming skills, the song is quite charming and catchy.  As for her voice, it’s a bit tight in places but she adds this cuteness which is unusual but awesome at the same time.  A pretty solid way to debut here!

2. Survival

The next track, Survival doesn’t seem to depend on the percussion so much, but focuses more on Kavka’s vocals and I kind of like what I’m hearing here as well.  It’s a bit lighter and less playful than “Aisuru Kakugo” but it’s good for B-side material.  I like that she also kind of adds some sexiness and edge with her vocals…it’s nice to hear that LOL.

3. Countdown

On the CD only edition of the single, we get TWO extra tracks!  The first is Countdown and I’m just loving the drive with this one since it has a lot of good guitar riffs and Kavka’s vocals are even cooler to hear.  It’s edgy and just rockin’ in such a good way.  Definitely my favorite off the single for sure!

4. Day Dream Rider

I’m happy she added the digital single to the single because Day Dream Rider was pretty cool.  Though I can’t say that the auto-tune was making her sound good with the rock riffs.  Though the chorus is pretty rad and she has style IMO.  I still enjoy the song but I feel like Aisuru Kakugo and Countdown did a much better job showing off Kavka’s abilities.

5. a.notice

On the CD+DVD version, you only get one extra track and sadly it’s merely a drum solo from Kavka.  Now I don’t mind this because this shows that this girl has TALENT!  She’s powerful and has this spark that really shows a LOT of potential from her.  Though I am a little disappointed that this after “Survival”.



Wow, for a debut Kavka really set out to be unique!  Aisuru Kakugo is a pretty good debut and fortunately for her, totally showcased her abilities at the forefront of the title track and Countdown which was amazing.  Day Dream Rider is still good though the auto-tune here was a little unnerving at points.  Survival did a lot for her vocals and I can see her being more badass and a.notice did the same but with her drum skills.  Though I kind of wished she stuck all 5 songs together on one disc rather than how it was released.


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