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U-KISS – Stop Girl September 23, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Imma New Thing (Intro)
  2. Stop Girl
  3. Time To Go
  4. Remember (Acoustic Ver.)
  5. Sexy Baby
  6. Stop Girl (English Ver,)
  7. Stop Girl (Instrumental)

1. Imma New Thing (Intro)

Opening the mini-album is a 30-second intro which doesn’t really mean much to me since it’s short and doesn’t leave much to grasp upon.  It just is seemingly there put the purpose of just having one >.>

2. Stop Girl

As the leading track, Stop Girl is kind going back in time for them when they were pretty much about R&B in their sound which isn’t bad persay, but the song doesn’t really interest me much.  I guess I can say that hearing Hoon more than normal is a winning situation, but the song isnt very intriguing and kind of lost focus.  Though the group has been inconsistent with their songs in 2012.

3. Time To Go

Another clock reference?  The clock ticking does remind me a lot of “Tick Tack” which is a pretty cool thing for them since that song was epic.  I actually wouldn’t have mind this being the leading track since it has more substance as a slower track.  I like all the different directions the song goes through and…is that AJ?  What’s he doing here?  Not bad of a song but I feel like it’s too short and it is at only 3 minutes…and that fade-out was in pretty bad taste too…still I enjoyed this a lot.

4. Remember (Acoustic Ver.)

So our next track is only sung by Kevin and Soohyun and why am I not surprised since they are the prime singers in the group.  The song is pretty much the simplest thing the guys have done since it’s acoustic guitar and strings.  I kind of liked hearing Kevin in a deeper tone and of course Soohyun just sung his heart out here and I liked it, but the song is a borefest of a ballad.

5. Sexy Baby

As the edgiest track on the mini, Sexy Baby also has AJ appearing in it (does he know the word hiatus?).  I kind of like the cooler feel of the song since it reminds me of “AMAZING” from “DORADORA”.  It’s actually not a bad song, but it still kind of comes up short to their other sexy songs.  So much for that.

6. Stop Girl (English Ver.)

Now here is something interesting.  I’ve never heard the guys singing in English before so this was a new horizon to try out.  For the most part, they didn’t do half bad and it kind of works a bit better than the original Korean version oddly enough.  Though I’m loving Eli and Dongho in the song though, their English is quite perfect.  Soohyun and Hoon has a harder time, but they pull it off…and Kevin well in between I guess.  Not a bad first and I hope they do more of this in future releases.

These guys have been seriously putting WAY TOO MUCH out this year and it’s effecting their quality of the songs by a big margin.  While this isn’t as tragic as “DORADORA”, Stop Girl doesn’t leave much to remember it by.  I do like they got nostalgic and released the titled track since it’s all sultry in its R&B style.  The rest of the songs are there and they aren’t offensive, but it’s not at the level as their Fanclub mini.  Plus, why is AJ here, I thought he was on hiatus…oh well…


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