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Shoujo Jidai – Oh! September 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Oh!

1. Oh!

Strange that the group would dive even further back to redo Oh! (especially since they’ve been doing original A-sides since “MR. TAXI”.  Not that I’m complaining too much since Oh! was such a great track originally when it was released in Korean.  The new Japanese take isn’t quite bad either for the most part and retains that coolness about it so I like it…but still strange that SNSD is going backwards in their catalog to do Japanese self-covers.


Though I guess on the flipside of the coin, the B-side is an original track and it’s my first time running into SNSD doing more of a slwoer ballad-like track (well reviewing) because the song reminds me of “Time Machine” for some reason.  Beyond that, the song is kind of refreshing to hear on a single and I’m liking the English lines here as well.  I kind of enjoyed the song oddly enough too hmmmm.



After that really bare single, “PAPARAZZI”, SNSD I guess thought it was time to play it safe for their next single by releasing Oh! since it’s already an established Korean song and bring it over to Japan.  I like it, but I think they’re at the point where they don’t need to do that.  At least with ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU, they kind of brought a new element, which is slower songs and I like it…solid single, but is it well-deserving is the better question at hand.


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