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SuG – sweeToxic September 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. sweeToxic
  2. fat inside horror
  3. LOVE SCREAM PARTY (Rebirth version) (Regular edition only)

1. sweeToxic

That intro was giving off the wrong vibes at first because I thought it was going to be hardcore.  With sweeToxic, it isn’t rough, but at the same time the song doesn’t seem to really impress me much otherwise.  I mean the typical stuff of brass and it just seems to lack the SuG spark that I’m so used to (well “Fukanzen Beautyfool Days” still sucks).  It just sounds like a mess!  Something about Takeru though bothered me and I’m not sure why since he usually sounds like this…maybe it’s just that he didn’t fit with the song perhaps?  I don’t know…

2. fat inside horror

Then the B-side comes in and I’m kind of pushed away because this is the hardest I’ve heard SuG and Takeru is kind of doing those growling and other weird things going on and I’m just not into it.  At least the chorus sounds pretty awesome but the verses were a total mess and the growlin’ just doesn’t work for SuG IMO.  At least it’s short…

3. LOVE SCREAM PARTY (Rebirth version) 

Like on their last single, SuG decided to update one of their already existing songs.  From their debut mini-album, “I SCREAM PARTY”, LOVE SCREAM PARTY is a track I’m not familiar with, but with the fact that it’s a really old tune, I like that they updated it.  I am enjoying Takeru and find him rolling syllables to be rather unique.  Strange that this is pretty much my favorite track off the single.



SuG begins a new era with a pretty bad single (even worse than “Fukanzen Beautyfool Days” which was their last single.  sweeToxic doesn’t resonate with me and somehow Takeru even doesn’t fit the song for some reason, it just is a wall of sound for the most part.  Same can be said about fat inside horror as well since it tries to make SuG hardcore but it doesn’t work for them either…At least LOVE SCREAM PARTY is something good…however it’s a redone tune so that might not count here….maybe they’ll pick it up on the next single…


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