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THE Possible – Nanja Korya?! September 27, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Nanja Korya?!
  2. Eien Fireball!
  3. Nanja Korya?! (Original Karaoke)
  4. Eien Fireball! (Original Karaoke)
  5. Nanja Korya?! (Robin no Vocal Nude Version)
  6. Nanja Korya?! (Hashimon no Vocal Nude Version)
  7. Nanja Korya?! (Akkyan no Vocal Nude Version)
  8. Nanja Korya?! (Mororin no Vocal Nude Version)
  9. Nanja Korya?! (Goto no Vocal Nude Version)

1. Nanja Korya?!

For a debut on a new label, it’s always interesting to see how it would turn out.  Nanja Korya?! is a hyperactive and feisty tune from the group who has really not a lot of great A-sides.  I really like the vocals during the sung parts and the group can sing some pretty quick lines.  I have to say that all the members impressed me (especially Akkyan and Mororin).  Such a feisty and fun song from the group and the hooks are just so awesome…great redebut!

2. Eien Fireball!

Moving into the B-side, it’s kind of the normal idol fare that I’m used to (even though Tsunku didn’t have a hand in this release at all).  It’s upbeat and it does showcase vocals quite nicely (even though Mororin got shafted in line distribution but the other 4 do split the lines between themselves.  Also noted, Masae Ohtani from Melon Kinenbi sings in the chorus which is pretty nifty.  The song isn’t really much for me and I don’t remember how it goes after a while.



Even though THE Possible is quite established idol group even with Tsunku’s “help”, I think the move to Victor might do them MUCH better than their days in NGP.  Nanja Korya?! is ridiculous and it’s just so catchy of song that I’m happy they did something really good as an A-side (something I haven’t seen since “Ijiwaru Crazy love”.  Eien Fireball! is just B-side material, nothing totally great about it.  As for the 5 bonus tracks…solo versions of the lead track might something awesome (and I personally would love to hear Akkyan’s and Mororin’s version the most!


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