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You Kikkawa – Darling to Madonna September 27, 2012

Filed under: You Kikkawa — solarblade @ 4:44 am

Track Listing

  1. Darling to Madonna
  2. Watashi ga Obaasan ni Nattemo (Limited A & Regular only)
  3. Twinkle Days (Limited B only)
  4. Darling to Madonna (Instrumental)
  5. Watashi ga Obaasan ni Nattemo (Instrumental)
  6. Twinkle Days (Instrumental)

1. Darling to Madonna

Ugh, again with this whole VOCALOID shit Kikka has been doing lately?  I guess I’m happy that she hasn’t drowning in it and the fact that there’s more guitar presence in the song really makes it sound a bit more stronger than “Koko Kara Hajimarunda!” but I would’ve loved if she could’ve left the digital stuff out of the song.  Not bad and it’s a step in the right direction, but there’s still something holding it back.

2. Watashi ga Obaasan ni Nattemo

What is up with everyone recently covering Chisato Moritaka’s classic?  It’s just everywhere these days and I don’t know why.  Then again, this kind of works for Kikka, because her last single she covered another of her songs, “17-sai”.  In this cover, the song is a bit more dance-oriented (just kind of like the last single).  I do get this feeling of nostalgia listening to Kikka’s version and she gave a pretty solid performance but this time I think I like “Darling to Madonna” just a bit more.  Still not bad of a song actually.

3. Twinkle Days

Then the actual original B-side pops up on one edition of the single and it seriously is giving me dejavu to her last single.  Just like the A-side, Twinkle Days is pretty sparkly and cute and it’s nice to hear Kikka singing in a more higher range, but the arrangement doesn’t do much for me and in some parts, Kikka is under filters/auto-tune so this has more in common with “Koko Kara Hajimarunda!”. 



It’s just super odd that this single SO CLOSELY mirrors her last single.  I mean the leading track is a bit different than her last A-side with clean vocals and more guitarwork in the arrangement, but the rest of the single is just similar to her last one.  Call it what you will but while it might be better, it’s also kind of redundant….>.>


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