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ClariS – Luminous October 6, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Luminous
  2. Friends
  3. blossom
  4. Luminous -movie MIX- (Anime edition only)
  5. Connect -Orchestra ver.- (short EDIT) (Anime edition only)
  6. Luminous -instrumental-

1. Luminous

I was kind of expecting from that cute art cover that Luminous would be a bright song from ClariS, but I also find myself surprised of hearing the piano taking the prime sound next to the strings and synths.  I’m also starting to notice that I’m really liking the deeper voice much more than the other gal so it’s nice I could differentiate the vocals a little bit more here.  I kind of enjoyed this song a tad more than “Wake Up” actually…it’s got charm and both Alice and Clara sound good.

2. Friends

Keeping with the natural arrangement, Friends kind of takes up as the cheesier “Luminous” because they could really go hand in hand in arrangement and there really wouldn’t be much of a difference (at least to me),  This is a bit more slower though so that would be the biggest difference between the two, and the lyrics too lol.  I really don’t find it very memorable and easily could’ve been on “BIRTHDAY” really.

3. blossom

I guess it could explain why I was more excited with blossom because this was heavily synthesized and a bit more energetic than both the previous tracks.  Does remind me of “Wake Up” but this is cute and oddly catchy to listen to.  It’s probably my favorite B-sode from the duo yet (granted with all the B-sides they have it’s saying something).

4. Connect -Orchestra ver.- (short EDIT)

Assuming that in the future we’ll get a full one, the last track after the shortened up version of “Luminous” is a new version of “Connect” (their 2nd single).  At about a minute and a half, Connect did get the props for trying an orchestra version, but for such an upbeat track, Connect at first sounded strange to my ears but once the verse started…it worked and the second run through the chrous sounds pretty good too.  OK, I know a long version is needed now lol



I feel like ClariS is starting to enter slump mode with their singles.  “Wake Up” has the two B-sides that were too similar and now we have Luminous and Friends mirroring each other almost and it just doesn’t impress me.  At least the A-side isn’t boring.  Though what makes this single work better is the other songs because blossom was upbeat and catchy all over and the new version of Connect was just pretty to listen to.  I guess they’re doing something right…let’s just hope it keeps going on their next single.


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