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Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Karikeiyaku no Cinderella October 6, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Karikeiyaku no Cinderella
  2. Houkago Getobako Rock ‘n’ Roll MX
  3. Kekka Alright (Regular only)
  4. Agero! Ebifly (Limited A only)
  5. Utae! Odore! Ebiidada (Limited B only)
  6. Karikeiyaku no Cinderella (Less Vocal)
  7. Houkago Getobako Rock ‘n’ Roll MX (Less Vocal)
  8. Kekka Alright (Less Vocal)
  9. Agero! Ebifly (Less Vocal)
  10. Utae! Odore! Ebiidada! (Less Vocal)

1. Karikeiyaku no Cinderella

I was curious to what I was getting into with Ebichu and Karikeiyaku no Cinderella is kind of cute in a way hahah.  It doesn’t seem to be really random like the PV might be and the covers too but this is kind of interesting for a debut.  What I’m noticing though is that their called the sister group for Momoiro Clover Z but I don’t exactly see it quite yet.  Though the groups has weak singers I can tell, but they also have some surprisingly good ones too.  For a debut, the song is pretty good, but standard fare for me.

2. Houkago Getobako Rock ‘n’ Roll MX

Interesting that the main B-side from all editions begin with a pretty slow piano solo before everything kicks and the song gets all hardcore and loud (something that BABYMETAL fans could enjoy oddly enough).  NOW I SEE where the MomocloZ comparisons come in.  For such a heavy song, Houkago Getobako is wild and all over the place and there is some interesting vocals here (especially the deeper and higher ones).  The chorus is awesome though…catchy and melodic too!  Though it throws a wrench with one of the girls singing solo with the paino…before it goes back into the chorus…yeah this is awesome!

3. Kekka Alright!

On the regular editions, Kekka Alright comes next and this oddly fits after “Houkago Getobako” since it has guitars in it as well, but this cakes on the weird just a little more.  Solo lines abound which is hard for me at the moment since I’m still new to the group and all.  It’s kind of creepy though..(not at the level of “Oh My Ghost?” but it has that Halloween kind of feel to it, just not as much.

4. Agero! Ebifly

LE A goes into more of the typical brassy idol sound for Agero! Ebifly which is kind of nice after going through two rock tracks.  This is kind of fun and bright and something I would expect every idol group to do.  The chorus though is a hawt mess though…it just sounds too mushy and crammed together that it just doesn’t work for them here…the verses though is what keeps the song afloat and all the girls seem to be having a lot of fun with this even if the chorus is just bad.

5. Utae! Odore! Ebiidada!

I like that intro for the final song from the LE B of the single.  This goes into more of an electro style and it’s got a good riff to it and the verses are catchy to listen to.  Though some of the girls shouldn’t be singing (then again some of them don’t seem to be singing >.>).  It’s not as intriguing, but it’s lies in the middle of the single.



As it’s the group’s debut under DefSTAR, Karikeiyaku no Cinderella is kind of that safe zone single to test waters out and it looks like it did them good on ORICON.  The single itself is OK, nothing totally amazing (except Houkago Getobako because that was friggin amazing).  The rest of the songs seem to cater to the normal side of things with Karikeiyaku, Kekka Alright, and Utae! Odore! Ebiidada! being good but like I said rather safe.  Agero! Ebifly though is something I just couldn’t enjoy…that chorus was just not cool and a mess for the group…I’m looking forward to reviewing their next single now hahaha.


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