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SHOW – MAGIC October 6, 2012

Filed under: SHOW — solarblade @ 1:15 pm

Track Listing

  1. MAGIC
  3. MAGIC (Instrumental)
  4. GOING DOWN (Instrumental)


After, “DANTE” what could SHOW could possibly come up next with.  Well with MAGIC, the song doesn’t really seem to be as energetic as his debut and seems to pull more of that sentimental card.  I really feel like this song is pretty cookie-cutter of a song and it just doesn’t seem to pull me in.  Though the English was pretty cute to hear…it might slowly grow on me, but at the moment it’s kind of cheesy and bleh of a song…kind of reminds of “Hero” though too….ehhhh.


Is things mixed up on this single?  I’m finding myself catering towards GOING DOWN because it’s energetic and the beat is infectious and just awesome to listen to.  SHOW’s vocals sounds a little more intriguing as well and has a lot more power behind it than in “MAGIC”.  I have to say this song trumps the A-side ten-fold!



As the second and final single before his Japanese debut, MAGIC is a lot like “DANTE” but backwards.  The leading track is light and poppy,but I don’t really feel much for it at the moment since it didn’t click with me well.  GOING DOWN however got me dancin’ pretty damn quickly and I was impressed (I even think this surpasses “DANTE” even)….shame it’s not on the album though T.T  Good single, but same level as his debut.


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