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access – Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~ October 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~
  2. Let me go
  3. Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~ (Instrumental)

1. Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~

The duo return for a second A-side in 2012? WOW!  Bet really is something cool from the them since they have more of an electro style going for the song.  Plus Takami’s vocals aren’t as tragic as I kind of thought they were in “Wild Butterfly”.  It’s a fun track and I enjoyed Daisuke’s arrangement this time around. 

2. Let me go

The B-side is a little different (then again their B-sides have all been strange experimentations.  Let me go is a lot more poppier and techno which is fitting along with the single.  What I’m surprised is how catchy this song is!  I’m really liking Takami and the jittery nature of the tune.  Though the chorus is a little screwy but this song is actually one of the better B-sides from them!



Closing out this REALLY long era for their album, “Secret Cluster”, Bet is probably my favorite of the 6 singles that are represented on the album.  The leading track is energetic and fun to listen to while the B-side is poppy and fun as well, though the chorus is a bit shady lol.  Can’t wait for the album to leak!


One Response to “access – Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~”

  1. Sakura Says:

    Where did you find the single to review it?
    I’m tired of searching on google for a link of the single, since I can’t buy it >.<

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