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Minami Kizuki – Ai Tsumugi/Shiawase no Tane October 7, 2012

Filed under: Minami Kizuki — solarblade @ 7:20 am

Track Listing

  1. Ai Tsumugi
  2. Shiawase no Tane
  3. Ai Tsumugi (Karaoke)
  4. Shiawase no Tane (Karaoke)

1. Ai Tsumugi

>.> REALLY?  Are we really reusing this song as an A-side again?!?  I guess due to how well-known Ai Tsumugi is, It became the primary A-side once again.  Reviewing it for the third time, the song still doesn’t seem to really impress me much because of it hinderences from Minami’s shima-uta style.  I just really can’t get into why this song is popular enough to have English and Chinese versions (digitally released though in 2011) and now the original reappears as an A-side, it baffles me.

2. Shiawase no Tane

The other A-side, which is a new track, Shiawase no Tane is a bit more joyous and upbeat of a song which is something I’ve started to really enjoy from Minami.  She sounds straightforward with her vocals and sounds happy to be doing the song.  It’s really cute and something I would love more from her in the future!



As this is the 4th single in the era, this one kind of seemed rather pointless seeing as Ai Tsumugi is being promoted once again as the primary song.  I still feel that style of her voice is the main problem with that song, beyond that it’s kind of a typical ballad from her.  Shiawase no Tane though is cute, upbeat, and just very bright and something I can really enjoy from her!  Yay!


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