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Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – SKY HEAVEN October 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Tooi Kaze


I actually came into this song assuming the worst, but SKY HEAVEN is probably my favorite Mix Speaker’s song since I’ve started reviewing them!  There’s just something aobut the song that really works from the straight-forward rock arrangement to MIKI and YUKI’s solo and melodic lines together.  The overall song is quite breezy and the strings really add to the experience…oh yeah this is pretty good!

2. Tooi Kaze

Taking a slower route for the B-side, Tooi Kaze doesn’t strike me as well as the A-side, but it seems like MIKI gets a little more time while YUKI kind of acts as support.  I think it’s a little more stripped down, but I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the song to be honest.



Closing out the era before their upcoming album, SKY HEAVEN is definitely a step up from their last single, “Shiny tale”.  The leading track is awesome and powerful and just blew me away on how good the band can be.  Tooi Kaze though whule nice they took things slower and with a less powerful arrangement, the song itself didn’t really stand out to me.  Looking forward to the album (even though “Shiny tale” is on it XD


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