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PASSPO☆ – WING October 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. WING
  2. Dom Dom Freedom
  3. 2DAYS (CD+Individual Handshake Event only)
  4. WING (Instrumental)
  5. Dom Dom Freedom (Instrumental)
  6. 2DAYS (Instrumental)


With the theme of German Metal for this A-side, I was kind of expecting WING to be ridiculous and out of place like they were trying to be Rammstein for a second.  I can see where the influence of the style is in this song and I actually kind of approve it.  It’s a bit more heavier and sounds a LOT better from “Natsuzora HANABI” at least.  Everyone gets a solo and their rock vocals are pretty strong too!  I even would say this is their best of the trilogy of singles!

2. Dom Dom Freedom

I guess this metal phase continues for the B-side which has such a cool riff in the beginning!  Though unlike “WING”, the song is a bit more bright, but the song continues to have this epic guitar arrangement and the ladies all sound just as good as in the lead track.  The chorus is a little meh, but overall the song is mostly good!

3. 2DAYS

To me, 2DAYS is kind of of the lightest of the three tracks and it oddly reminds me of a lighter “Next Flight” but the vocals are still there and they sound rather good for the song.  Even some of the filtering is kind of cool to me.  Definitely a cool track!



As the trilogy comes to a close, WING to me is probably the best single PASSPO☆ has had since becoming a major label group!  WING is definitely an edgy metal song and they pulled it off real good, to the point where it surpasses “Next Flight”!  Dom Dom Freedom is also quite good if you excuse that chorus….everything else was good!  Even 2DAYS managed to be really good and different for the group!  One can wonder that after this, an album will come….all rockin’ goodness!!!!


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