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Nami Tamaki – PARADISE October 9, 2012

Filed under: Nami Tamaki — solarblade @ 7:47 pm

Track Listing

  3. PARADISE (Instrumental)
  4. COLORS (Instrumental)


I might as well sell my soul to Nami again because since her second label change, she’s just been bringing it (plus it helps that Shinichi Osawa is bringing it back).  Unlike “LADY MIND” the song has a little more going for it…a bit more filling and change.  The arrangement does sound similar to her last single as well, but a little lighter and has more of a scenic tone to it.  Nami also seemed to ditch the repetitive lyrics for something a little more filling as well which stands out to me a lot!  I have to say, this song has re-solidified me stanning for her ^_^!!!


Likewise from her last single, COLORS is another Oddity-produced track, but this one seems to be quite a banger for me.  I mean the beats and synths are edgy and Nami sounds REALLY good in this song (even though she’s under auto-tune for some of it).  I really ended up liking this as well and to me is better than “START UP”.



Wow, I knew “LADY MIND” was a test to see how she would fare going back to dance music, but with PARADISE, she just rolled with the punches and cleared up the slight issues I did have from the last single with both songs.  PARADISE is awesome and it’s also kind of bright but airy too (kind of reminds me of a less-anime, more synth version of “New World”.  COLORS is pretty cool and Nami worked that song as well, leaving us with a cool club thumper…Yeah, you know I definitely want you guys to listen to it *RECOMMENDED*


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