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GACKT – HAKURO October 11, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Jounetsu no Inazuma
  3. HAKURO (Instrumental)
  4. Jounetsu no Inazuma (Instrumental)


Hey, remember his A-side, “Returner ~Yami no Shuuen~”?  Well HAKURO sounds just like it except this leaned more towards a ballad but the chorus is dramatic and just trying to be epic and full of Japanese instruments.  I’m slightly disappointed with this song because we’ve pretty much heard this before, but after the last couple of singles, this kind of brings GACKT back to more of an epic setting.  I actually find GACKT himself to be vocally better and doesn’t overkill on the vibrato (which he’s done a lot of in recent times).  The song isn’t bad, but if you’ve heard the mentined track above, then this is pretty much bland…but if you haven’t then it’s kind of good. 

2. Jounetsu no Inazuma

The B-side though makes up for the blandness from the A-side by being a little more synth-friendly and upbeat.  I like the energy from the song and GACKT sounds a bit more edgy with his vocals which is pretty sweet to hear!  It’s a pretty quick-paced tune all the way through and that’s good, but I feel like the arrangement could’ve ised a little more bass (to make it feel fuller). 



As this is the 5th single (6th if we’re counting “Setsugekka/ZAN”), I think I’m at the point where I just want an album from GACKT.  HAKURO is an alright single for the most part since both songs are pretty likeable.  HAKURO does sound like a slower “Returner” but it can still be pretty good.  I preferred Jounetsu no Inazuma more but it needs more of a spine in the arrangement….I wonder what’s next.


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