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Aural Vampire – Soloween October 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Soloween
  2. Halloween Jitterbug
  3. Back to Halloween
  4. Soloween (instrumental)
  5. Halloween Jitterbug (instrumental)
  6. Back to Halloween (instrumental)

1. Soloween

For being their first A-side, Soloween is kind of a step away from what the duo has released.  I mean it’s still pretty much a darkwave track surrounded by Halloween which is awesome in its own right.  Though something about the song doesn’t work here and I’m not sure what that is because they’ve had many epic songs in the past.  Maybe it’s EXO-CHIKA’s voice and how it’s filtered.  Does remind me a little of “Shounan Zoku -cannibal coast-” in places, but this song isn’t sitting well with me.

2. Halloween Jitterbug

I was kind of curious as to how they can make a Jitterbug from Halloween but it was quite a loud impact.  It’s a little more outside of the box for the duo since they cut down the electronics a little bit and added more guitars and piano.  It’s still a heavy song but it also sounds like they are having fun here.  EXO-CHIKA’s voice is pretty good and this song has such a unique approach.  I enjoyed it, even if it does come of as a hot mess lol!

3. Back to Halloween

The second B-side, Back to Halloween is a lot more poppier than I would’ve expected Aural Vampire to go down.  I’m not sure how to really explain the song because unlike the previous two tracks, this one is upbeat and bright which is like the antithesis of the group.  I’m not sure how to really take the song at the moment becuse it’s so out of character (unless the lyrics say otherwise).



For a group that’s been together for as long as they have, it’s really shocking they would finally release their first single now (though fitting since it is close to Halloween).  Soloween isn’t really what I was expecting after “Kerguelen Vortex” since this single is really mostly trying to pull away from the electro status they have.  Soloween has the most but the song sounds like a clone of an older song and I’m a little bleh.  Halloween Jitterbug is unique and my favorite off the song but it isn’t electronic as it’s more rock/jitterbug/electro.  Back to Halloween….I really don’t know what to think…it’s just so mainstream J-pop x.x…..strange release this was for them >.>


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