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JUJU – Arigatou October 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Arigatou
  2. Kuchizuke
  3. The Greatest Love Of All
  4. Arigatou -Instrumental-

1. Arigatou

Is there an off switch for JUJU to prevent her from doing ballads  because she really is starting to bore me to death with her singles she’s released since “YOU”.  Unlike previous ones though, the song has a little more light on it which kind of makes this better than her previous singles.  I really did though enjoy her voice in this song as it’s soothing and bright like the song itself.  Still wished for something different from her, but this’ll do.

2. Kuchizuke

At least the first B-side tries to bring my interest back.  Kuchizuke has more of a R&B-like feel to it but still ratains that lightness.  I think the beat actually helped the song to prevent it from being a borefest.  It’s a nice track and it’s slighter better than “Arigatou” so that’s good.

3. The Greatest Love Of All

It makes sense that JUJU would cover a Whitney Houston song since it’s a good tribute and all.  Now weall know that no one can really be as good as Whitney but they can try and I like JUJU here since she sounds great in this song (minus the accents) but she put in a great effort to this classic!



I actually kind of liked this single (it is the best single she’s released since her last studio album, that’s for sure) but I still kind of want something upbeat from JUJU since these ballads aren’t truly cutting it for me.  Kuchizuke is a tad better than Arigatou but I think it’s mostly because of the beat.  The Greatest Love Of All though is a solid cover for sure and JUJU was good.  So overall it’s a good single…but not the best she’s done.


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