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Up Up Girls – End Of The Season October 16, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. End Of The Season
  2. Beautiful Days!
  3. End Of The Season (Instrumental)
  4. Beautiful Days! (Instrumental)

1. End Of The Season

I’m not entirely sure what to think of End Of The Season because unlike their last single, the song takes more of a cutesy pop route and it does remind me of “Cyalume” and “Rainbow” with the abundance of synths.  Though the steel drums and auto-tune usage threw me off.  I like that one of these kind of songs are an A-side finally and I kind of enjoyed it, even if I had to get used to the nuances of it all.

2. Beautiful Days!

The B-side kind of runs in the same veins as “End Of The Season” with the sparkly gloss and heavily synthed arrangement.  I still wonder why I have to hear auto-tune in the song, but it’s not as easily evident like in the A-side so that’s a very good thing.  It’s definitely the better song off the single though.



Only one more single until UUG moves to T-Palette!  End Of The Season is actually a pretty good step up after the last couple of singles.  Both songs are synthy tracks that just sound glorious all over for the girls.  The auto-tune isn’t as bad as some other groups that abuse it, but I’m pretty happy with this for sure!


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