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Up Up Girls – Namen na! Ashi Girls/Marvel Hero October 16, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Namen na! Ashi Girls
  2. Marvel Hero
  3. Namen na! Ashi Girls (Instrumental)
  4. Marvel Hero (Instrumental)

1. Namen na! Ashi Girls

So UUG has seem to kind of went down the cute route for their next single.  This is pretty fast for them and I kind of like the synth/anison pop style they took for Namen na!  It’s pretty standard otherwise for an idol group to release which is pretty bizarre but at the same time kind of fun to listen to.  Not the best that they’ve released but it’s a good UUG song.

2. Marvel Hero

It does make sense since the cover portrays them as various superheroes from said franchise.  That being said, the song has more of a solid beat to it and is slightly slower than the previous track but it doesn’t really give me that superhero feel (like Berryz’ “Be Genki” did.  I’m not exactly the biggest fan of this song to be honest, but I guess it suits them.



Unfortunately, Namen na! Ashi Girls/Marvel Hero is probably my least favorite track for the group yet.  It’s not a terrible single,but there’s not a lot going for it when compared to their previous singles.  Namen na! is pretty fun and makes for a good performance live, but Marvel Hero is just kind of bland…


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