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KARA – Electric Boy October 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Electric Boy
  2. Orion
  3. Electric Boy (Instrumental)
  4. Orion (Instrumental)
  5. Pandora (Limited Edition C only)

1. Electric Boy

Electric Boy is definitely a track that could stand up and be considered the best from KARA.  It’s heavily electronic without overloading on auto-tune like some “Speed Up”.  My favorite parts would consists of that chorus and the bridge before it with the ascending and descending vocal lines…There’s not much to really bomb it on, but this definitely is up their with the bests of KARA…yeah I LOVED THIS!

2. Orion

It was no surprise that anything with the title of Orion would be a ballad.  I am a little curious with this song because of the arrangement since it sounds like some cheesy 80’s/90’s ballad because it has those dissonant guitar lines and some of that weird beats.  At least the song turned out good since it showcased everyone and they sound amazing in the chorus.  Not as memorable like “Electric Boy” but this made for a great B-side and I’m happy it made the upcoming album’s tracklist.

3. Pandora

It’s a little strange that KARA added Pandora to this single and not making it Japanese like they did with “STEP” on their last single.  Either way, Pandora is still pretty awesome of a song with its strong chorus and funky guitar lines and creepy synth lines.  I love it still but I think I was expecting a JPN version of the song more.



As the second and final single for “Girls Forever”, Electric Boy is a giant leap forward from their last single, “Speed Up/Girls Power”.  The main track was strong for them and I think it’s both part from KARA and the producers working together here.  Orion is a nice ballad, a lil nostalgic sounding but still pretty nice and Pandora was merely a bonus incentive.  I think it’s their best single yet!!!  Can’t wait for the album!


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