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Kyarypamyupamyu – Fashion Monster October 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Fashion Monster
  2. 100% no Jibun ni
  3. Tsukema Tsukeru -extended mix
  4. Kyary Revo Medley

1. Fashion Monster

Well you know it’s that time of year when Kyary sets her 3rd A-side as her Halloween single and I REALLY LOVE this song.  I mean the song is not your normal cute Kyary/Nakata song no, no…this is something a lot darker but still retaining some of the cuteness that we’ve gotten to enjoy from Kyary.  It’s gritty, electronic, wild…it’s what I really love about Nakata’s arrangements and he brought it back here.  This is probably my favorite Kyary song yet and that’s saying something (considering I’ve loved all her leading tracks). 

2. 100% no Jibun ni

Then reality kicks in and we get this B-side.  I mean after “Fashion Monster” that pedestal is pretty much placed really high and this song really just bombs the single.  I mean it’s back to Kyary’s cutesy style, but the song really sounds bland and would’ve fared as an album track from “Pamyupamyu Revolution” better.  It just doesn’t work here and makes me wonder why it had to be on this single…yeeesh.

3. Tsukema Tsukeru -extended mix-

At least the single closes out with an extended version of Kyary’s first single.  Though, extending it about 40 seconds longer isn’t much to begin with, at least the song begins differently.  I kind of like how it began here than in the original honestly.  Though it seems like the track had gone through some changes in the arrangement as well.  It doesn’t seem so rough around the edges.  Other than that, it’s still the song we all know and love when it comes right down to it. 

4. Kyary Revo Medley

Then this little track surprises me.  It’s really only 45 seconds of snippets from her album, “Pamyupamyu Revolution” why it’s there is pretty unknown to me (maybe a little promotion perhaps).  The track though is SOOOO SHOOORT…so you really can’t get a tight grasp of the songs, except “CANDY CANDY” which is the longest of the previews…



I have to say I’m VERY happy with Fashion Monster (the song)…it’s just the right kind of random Halloween song that I need this year.  However the rest of the single seemingly falls flat for me.  The extended mix of Tsukema Tsukeru isn’t bad, but I’ve grown out of that song so it’s just OK to me.  100% no Jibun ni though is just bland for me and really doesn’t belong on this single (like I said, probably a track denied existance on “Pamyupamyu Revolution”).  The uber short medley, useless…why….So yeah this single isn’t that great but it’s worth it to get the A-side!!!


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