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Miliyah Kato – LOVERS part II feat. Wakadanna October 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. LOVERS part II feat. Wakadanna
  2. Mukuchi no Uta
  3. LALALA feat. Wakadanna T.O.M. Remix
  4. LOVERS part II feat. Wakadanna (Instrumental)

1. LOVERS part II feat. Wakadanna

So I guess this is the sequel of the first “LOVERS”…even though I’m not sure who did the original?  LOVERS II is a really mushy ballad from Miliyah and features your normal ballad instruments like strings and piano.  At least it changes after a while by getting a little more upbeat as an R&B track.  As for Wakadanna, he should’ve stayed off the track because his gritty rap lines really don’t fit this sweet lullaby tone of the track.  It’s a nice track, but Wakadanna kind of ruins it for me.

2. Mukuchi no Uta

The B-side also carries that lullaby quality to a further level which is something I wouldn’t expect Miliyah to pull.  Mukuchi no Uta is luckily a Wakadanna-less track and it’s nice to hear something so bare-boned like this.  The only instrument is really acoustic guitar and some background sparkles and such.  At the halfway point, a beat is added but doesn’t take away the mood of the song which I really liked.  Good track.

3. LALALA feat. Wakadanna T.O.M. Remix

So we get one of Miliyah’s older A-sides and has gotten a remix here.  Seeing that Wakadanna was involved worried me quite a bit lol.  From the beats of the song, I was expecting some hip-hop here because it has this 90’s flavor to it.  Basically it reminds me of a Mary J. Blige track.  Miliyah sounds good though once again, could’ve lived without Wakadanna…he just irks me SOOOOO badly in this track.



After “HEART BEAT”, I was kind of wondering what would’ve been next (I was seriously hoping for an album…seriously Miliyah? another single?).  LOVERS part II isn’t a bad single…not as good as her last, but this actually worked…BUUUUUUUUUT…Wakadanna had to come and basically ruin 2/3 of the single.  I mean his rapping is nonsensical and just hoarse and annoying as hell…if he wasn’t there, I would say this would’ve been my favorite but as it stands, not bad, but not amazing.


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