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Maon Kurosaki – UNDER/SHAFT October 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Crimson roses
  3. UNDER/SHAFT (Inst)
  4. Crimson roses (Inst)


I’m so happy Maon returned with some cool with UNDER/SHAFT.  We’re back to the dark and evil atmosphere which is something Maon should just stick with.  It still doesn’t really have to awesome atmophere that the “HELL:ium” single had but this suits her style nicely and it could grow on me in time.

2. Crimson roses

I’m surprised Crimson roses is a long track at 6 and a half minutes in length.  However, that worry goes away because this song has some EPIC guitar lines!  This is just dramatic and epic and oddly enough reminds me of “I’m still breathing…” but a tad longer. 



After that very disappointing single in “reimei”, I was more than happy to see that UNDER/SHAFT brough her back up to where she was initially with my interests.  The leading track is dark, synthy, and somewhat anison but I really loved her voice and she worked that song (though it could’ve had a little more oomph).  Crimson roses was the better track though and had a lot more going on in the arrangement.  Awesome B-side.  Overall…this is probably her second best single, behind “HELL:ium”.


2 Responses to “Maon Kurosaki – UNDER/SHAFT”

  1. burakki Says:

    Totally agreeing here. I actually didn’t like UNDER/SHAFT’s preview very much, but I was convinced to listen to the entire single because of your review. Got a little too much anison, but Crimson roses is great, totally made up for reimei.

  2. Dice Says:

    I think Crimson roses is a beautiful and awesome track. I would really like to know what the lyrics are about, but I know virtually no Japanese. 😦

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