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Yui Sakakibara – Judge of a Life October 18, 2012

Filed under: Yui Sakakibara — solarblade @ 8:11 am

Track Listing

  1. Judge of a Life
  2. Heart of Mind
  3. Judge of a Life (off vocal)
  4. Heart of Mind (off vocal)

1. Judge of a Life

I was curious to what we were gettong mext from Yui (since she’s gotten better singles in recent times).  Judge of a Life has your typical anison style going on with the guitar riffs and synth lines plus all them strings!  Her vocals are pretty steady for the most part but they don’t go too deep nor do they get too squeaky.  The song doesn’t seem like it’d be much to enjoy and well it’s true, it’s kind of bland in almost every area. 

2. Heart of Mind

As for the B-side of the single, Heart of Mind takes things slower, but sadly Yui’s vocals go up in pitch as well which tore me away from the song in a negative fashion.  Yeah, suffice to say that I wasn’t a big fan of this song and just kind of gave up.



Yui really needs to have an album with the singles she’s released under the label because it’s stacking up!  Judge of a Life overall is just bland all over.  The leading track is no real treat or very unique in Yui’s discography and Heart of Mind is just poor vocally.  Pass on the single!


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