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Tommy february6 / Tommy heavenly6 – HALLOWEEN ADDICTION October 20, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Never Ending Party Night
  2. Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl
  3. I’M YOUR DEVIL -Halloween Remix-

1. Never Ending Party Night

So we start this random release with the only new track. Never Ending Party Night.  I like how it starts out at a carnival (makes sense right?).  It’s stramge because we hear random people talking about rides and stuff before the night has to end and Tomoko sings a short passage (in Heavenly form).  Then a guy says something about landing on february and her song starts up.  Unlike the latter half of the track, february’s excerpt is pretty short but I REALLY liked this for some reason.  It’s groovy and still true to february’s style.  Though only being over 2 minutes, the song quickly moves into another little story section explaining this twin story that Tommy enjoys before ending it with ~you are now a part of the heavenly Halloween addiction nightmare….welcome~ and leading into heavenly’s track.  Now to me, heavenly’s song sounds like some of her non-Halloween tracks which is slightly disappointing because there’s not much of a hook for me to grasp.  That said, this part actually is not as good as feb’s.  Then we hit the ending and strangle enough the song ends at 11:04, breaking the 10:31 time she’s done in the next two tracks.

2. Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl

Continuing on, the first awesome Halloween track Tomoko did was Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl as her heavenly persona.  It’s hard to think that it started off with this slammin’ track.  Plus I really do think that this song is very true to Halloween (moreso than the other two tracks).  There’s just so much that I really loved about this song from the silly waltz sections and then the heavy rock to go alongside everything.  It just really tickled my fancy and still does today.  The best track of the three!

3. I’M YOUR DEVIL -Halloween Remix-

The last track on this release, I’M YOUR DEVIL is kind of strange for me still even if it’s about a year old.  I mean the intro with Tomoko speaking in a kind of poetic way was kind of ironic and strange.  The tea party section that she sings did start things off on a dark note which is good, but that’s really it since I’M YOUR DEVIL was initially its own song before the addition of Halloween.  I think it would’ve been better to have released an original Halloween song last year than just cake it on…but oh well. 



She calls this a mini-album?  HALLOWEEN ADDICTION probably got the whole mini title because every song is over 10 minutes.  Now, I commend Tomoko for doing this because it fits the holiday and such but there’s some weird things.  The tracklist is the three songs but it’s segmented to each section of each track as it’s own track number which is probably the worst thing to do.  Overall, it’s ok….a little bit out of nowhere and kind of redundant when there’s just ONE new song….but whatever…


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