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angela – KINGS October 21, 2012

Filed under: angela — solarblade @ 9:00 pm

Track Listing

  1. KINGS
  3. KINGS (off vocal version)
  4. THE DARK (off vocal version)


Is it me of does KINGS slightly remind me of like a mix of both “spiral” and “Link”?  It just has this similar structure going and while I actually enjoyed the song’s darker atmosphere and spooky undertones, it doesn’t have to much bang in it.  At least the song really suits atsuko because she’s got some echoing effects on her voice that seems to fit nicely.  It’s slightly better than “THE LIGHT OF HEROES” but not by much.


I really don’t know why they put the better songs as B-sides since ever since I started reviewing them, majority of the good stuff lies as B-sides.  THE DARK is a little bit darker, but it also kind of shares the instrumentation like in “KINGS” but I felt atsuko tackled this song a whole lot better.  Yeah this is good!



Been a while since angela’s last single, but I think they did well with KINGS.  Both tracks are quite dark and anison heavy but they pulled it off.  They still aren’t impressing me fully  (whole single wise), but they are keeping me interested.  THR DARK though is the better song (once again B-side > A-side).


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