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Kalafina – Hikari Furu October 21, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Hikari Furu
  2. Mirai
  3. Magia [quattro]
  4. Hikari Furu ~instrumental~
  5. Mirai ~instrumental~
  6. Magia [quattro] ~instrumental~

1. Hikari Furu

I shouldn’t be surprised that Kalafina would release a ballad next for their A-side.  Hikari Furu is kind of a pretty yet haunting track from them…sung mostly with WAKANA at the front.  After her lengthy part, HIKARU takes her part (with KEIKO) providing backup support and then the song starts to actually move.  The song is pretty don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know there’s something missing here.  I think it’s that it has a dramatic impace but kind of overlays on it too much giving the song a rather fizzy feel like it keeps popping into the this grand state but never really lets off it until the end.  I guess this could grown on me but like the previous two single, it’s going to take a while.

2. Mirai

Remember “Eden” from their last album?  Well get this load of deja vu here.  I actually enjoyed Mirai because it also reminds me of some flight sequences which means this song is breezy and upbeat.  I do enjoy the fact that it’s really a KEIKO heavy track since it suits her voice quite nicely.  Overall, the song stood out to me in a more positive light than “Hikari Furu” did.

3. Magia [quattro]

To fit the single since its tied to Madoka and all, we actually ended up with a new version of Magia.  Now I LOVE the song to death and it’s was the best song of the year for me last year, seeing it retouched for this single made me worried.  The overall song is still intact (and all of the arrangement is present) HOWEVER, the song is layered with a new strings melody which felt so weird and out of place since it actually covered the trio in a couple places.  It was just unnecessary and I rather you stick to the original!



What is with Kalafina this year?  I really don’t understand since they always have strong singles but in recent times they’ve been kind of putting out meh ones.  Hikari Furu is a bit more stronger but the song felt like it was in a circle of climaxes which kind of felt weird to listen to.  Mirai though should’ve just replaced it since it’s breezy and bright and something I really haven’t heard in quite a while from Kajiura.  The new version of Magia?  Skip it, it doesn’t really serve a purpose besides giving Magia another tie-in.  Ehhhh single overall.


4 Responses to “Kalafina – Hikari Furu”

  1. cybaclecycle Says:

    omg, Mirai is amazing. It’s one of my favorite J-Pop songs of the moment. Partially because it’s a re-arranged pop version of Kajiura Yuki’s “Credens Justitiam” from the anime Madoka .Magica. (I loved the series, and that BGM was my favorite)

    Seriously, go look it up. XD

  2. dawn Says:

    I didn’t really feel that Mirai was a Keiko-heavy track, it seemed to be more Hikaru-centric to me ^^ but then again I haven’t listened to it that much, since neither song really holds my attention.

    • Katharina Says:

      I must agree. Keiko is more in the background. Hikaru seems to have a much bigger role in the song.
      I liked the melody of Mirai in the anime Madoka and I think the vocalized song is still great. However I’ve listened to the melody for a few month now and a new song from Kalafina would have been the better choice for me.

  3. I love this single, Hikaru Furu sounds beautiful with the 3 ladies, specially KEIKO’s part.. I Love it! But is so dramatic that for me is perfect.
    Now for Mirai, is such a great song, hearing HIKARU on the song was great and the way was done taken from Credens Justitiam, is awesome. Although both versions are great.
    But I wish there was a KEIKO predominate song, it’ll be just incredible.

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