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Minori Chihara – SELF PRODUCER October 21, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Secret Season ~Sakurairo no Koibito~
  3. Hitohira no Negai
  4. Umareru Ashira no Melody


Kicking the single off, SELF PRODUCER was a bit of a random surprise but with that art cover it kind of suits it.  The track is kind of happy-go-lucky and Minorin is kind of just enjoying the ride.  Her vocals aren’t exactly stellar or anything but she puts in a good effort.  Sadly, I think of the three singles of the current era, this might be the weakest yet.

2. Secret Season ~Sakurairo no Koibito~

Ack, those squeaky vocals continue to make me frown as she intros into the first B-side which like “ZONE//ALONE” almost reminds me of a Nana Mizuki song.  Though it does kind of ride along this synth/string melody and keeping everything upbeat and such.  It’s a nice track overall and I think it stands out slightly more than “SELF PRODUCER”.

3. Hitohira no Negai

Minorin, let’s not open with squeaky lyrics AGAIN!  What I do enjoy of Hitohira no Negai is that it has this nostalgic J-pop/rock kind of arrangement that goes to older anime themes (or current ones, whichever).  That said, the song might sound a little too bland and Minori’s vocals don’t exactly fit the slower style much.  I also felt like it was dragging as well (especially for a 6:35 time.

4. Umareru Ashita no Melody

I’m kind of surprised that Minorin has a 3rd B-side tacked on the single!  This kind of goes back to “Freedom Dreamer” with it’s summery beach sound with emphasis of bass and acoustic guitar.  There’a little bit of charm here and there, but the track ultimately falls on deaf ears…once again…nothing memorable.



As this is Minorin’s 3rd single of the era, this was surprisingly WEAK when compared to both of her previous singles.  None of the 4 tracks really stood out to me (maybe Secret Season since I wasn’t bored of that).  I just kind of ran through this single with mostly a frown on my face….just bland ansion music here this time around.


One Response to “Minori Chihara – SELF PRODUCER”

  1. nagato Says:

    Umareru Ashira no Melody is one of my favourite Minori songs. It represents Minori’s personality much better than the over-produced songs from most of her title singles that aren’t even written by her. And it doesn’t sound at all like an anison to me (which I usually don’t like), it reminded me of a upbeat Tsubasa wo Kudasai. Simple, happy, classy.

    Anyway, too bad you don’t like that side of Minori’s music, because that’s closer to “her music” than anything.

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