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Kaela Kimura – Sun shower October 24, 2012

Filed under: Kaela Kimura — solarblade @ 2:06 am

Track Listing

  1. Sun shower
  2. Hello, Goodbye
  3. Sun shower (instrumental)
  4. Hello, Goodbye (instrumental)

1. Sun shower

Even since I started reviewing Kaela, I haven’t heard her release a slower song as an A-side.  With that being said, Sun shower also kind of has this morning vibe mixed with a little jazz as well….it’s different for Kaela and I find it quite charming.  After the quirky “Mamireru”, I thought this was fitting to release…you know…to calm things down.

2. Hello, Goodbye

The B-side though is interesting because it’s a cover of that famous song from The Beatles.  I do like that the marimba starts the track, but then the tune gets into this weird synth arrangement and the familiar lyrics of the original appear.  Kaela’s vocals are OK…but not that great.  I don’t know but the song feels just a little too weird and kind of weak for Kaela terms.



As the second single in the era, Sun shower is definitely a calm single when compared to the previous single, “Mamireru” by a big shot.  I really liked the soft and morning glow-like Sun shower for sure and is something different for Kaela.  Hello, Goodbye though is a weak cover track…just a little too bleh for me.  It’s an OK single, still not as good as some of the “8EIGHT8” singles.


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