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Koda Kumi – Go to the top October 24, 2012

Filed under: Koda Kumi — solarblade @ 1:45 am

Track Listing

  1. Go to the top
  2. darling
  3. Go to the top (DJAKi ASY Remix)

1. Go to the top

LOL, oh time off from Kuu has must’ve done something since she’s had her kid.  Go to the top is pretty unique in her discography (maybe not) but it’s like she took “Boom Boom Boys” gave it a little more of a 8-bit/rock mix and it’s just different for me.  I will say that I kind of like the swag of the song a bit more.  Not a bad A-side overall and it’s a good way to come back to music after her short hiatus.

2. darling

As for the single’s B-side, darling is a bit more stripped down to basics here. but that’s a pretty good thing since we haven’t had an R&B track on a single for quite a while.  Kuu sounds really pleasant and the song is just a smooth sailing indeed.  Might not be one of her more memorable slow jams, but this is rather very smooth and unoffensive luckily ^_^

3. Go to the top (DJAKi ASY Remix)

I wasn’t expecting a remix on this single for some reason but here we are with one for the leading track.  I was actually kind of digging the remix even though it isn’t really special.  I love the energy and speed of the remix and the cool synths but it did feel quite empty in different places. 



After going through a small hiatus (to have her child of course) Kuu came back with Go to the top and for the most she came back on a good note!  The leading track might sound similar to “Boom Boom Boys” but I think she brought that fire back into her music for the time being.  darling was a nice nostalgic trip to her early days and it turned out well also.  The remix for Go to the top though could’ve had a little more vocal parts but the arrangement isn’t bad at all ^_^.  Good single!


One Response to “Koda Kumi – Go to the top”

  1. Jade Says:

    So funny how Go to the top reminded you of Boom Boom Boys as well, I stated exactly the same thing in my own review, haha. I’m glad you liked the single too!

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