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AAA – Niji October 30, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Niji
  2. good day
  3. good day (Shohei Matsumoto EDM Remix) (CD only)
  4. good day (Remo-con Remix) (CD only)
  5. Niji (Instrumental)
  6. good day (Instrumental)

1. Niji

Something about Niji just screams nostalgic early 2000’s pop music which is something AAA has been really parading around the last two albums and I’m starting to wish they could stop it.  It sounds like another Komuro-produced track since the keyboards sound old and just cheesy.  The line distribution reminds me of “CALL” but there’s just nothing I find remotely interesting about the song.

2. good day

The B-side played tricks on me because the intro was so cool and electronic but when the group enters the song it sounds like a “Niji” but with dubstep moments.  It’s really an awkward mixture for me but the fact that the verses are awesome and the chorus is just shit baffles me so much!  I will say that it’s cooler than the A-side but that chorus….why?!?

3. good day (Shohei Matsumoto EDM Remix)

I love the fact that the B-side gets the most attention on this single since it has two remixes!  The first one takes out the dubstep moments of the song and makes it more of a club track which is a nice change.  The chorus doesn’t sound cheap and when the remix gets all electro, it gets better.  Yeah I actually prefer this over the original!!!

4. good day (Remo-con Remix)

Moving to the other remix, Remo-con’s take on good day at first sounded strange because of the intro not matching up with the lyrics.  Sadly, this remix focuses on ,ore of the experiments of the remixer by doing some weird skipping/dubstep mix and it just doesn’t work AT ALL!  It’s just a bit too messy for me and doesn’t do the song justice.



AAA begins a new era with a pretty mediocre single in Niji.  The song feels so boring and just too ancient for my tastes (and if it’s Komuro, shame on him!).  good day was better though something about the song doesn’t sit right with me and it’s probably the dubstep crap that’s in it which was dealt with in the EDM remix which is so much better than both the original and the Remo-con remix…wow was this a poor single T.T


4 Responses to “AAA – Niji”

  1. jack Says:

    Actually Niji is produced by GReeeeN

  2. :P Says:

    Niji was produced by GreeeeN not komuro.. ^^

  3. kieyuku Says:

    I absolutely love good day, I actually like the bizzare mixture, maybe because I’ve been hearing the chorus for ages on the 7eleven CMs but never expected such an amazing intro and verses.

    As for Niji, I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. And the reason why it is the A-side is because avex is banking so hard on the fact it is written and composed by GReeeeN. The lyrics are also its strongest point so many Japanese fans seem to love it… it’s being branded a “super positive song”.

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