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Kou Shibasaki – My Perfect Blue/Yukuyuku wa October 30, 2012

Filed under: Kou Shibasaki — solarblade @ 9:32 pm

Track Listing

  1. My Perfect Blue
  2. Yukuyuku wa
  3. My Perfect Blue -Instrumental-
  4. Yukuyuku wa -Instrumental-

1. My Perfect Blue

I have to say that Kou found the right person to produce My Perfect Blue because it’s just so pretty to listen to and Kou sounds amazing pulling it off as well.  It still is pretty much a piano/strings with drums kind of ballad, but this actually fit since it’s light and flows smoothly the entire way.  This is a pretty good ballad from her, not as awesome as “Mou, Inai yo” but still for an A-side it’s great!

2. Yukuyuku wa

The other A-side on the single, Yukuyuku wa is the upbeat one off the single and it kind of reminds me of Maaya Sakamoto’s stuff from “You can’t catch me”.  It’s got this simple beat to it that kind of reminds me of something The Beatles would have done long ago.  My only qualm about the song I have is that Kou’s vocals don’t seem to energetic here so it kind of bores me…strange how that works.



As the third and final single for the era, My Perfect Blue/Yukuyuku wa is a good single but it isn’t as good as “Strength”.  My Perfect Blue is a really good ballad from her and really stands out in recent times.  Yukuyuku wa would’ve been better if she sounded more livelier and less bored but that’s just me.  Overall not bad.


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