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Suneohair – slow dance October 30, 2012

Filed under: Suneohair — solarblade @ 11:41 pm

Track Listing

  1. slow dance
  2. Universe
  3. Squall
  4. Taka no Sora ~Ruterute Bozu~ (bonus track)

1. slow dance

For a song that’s titled slow dance, it sure doesn’t feel slow at all hahah.  Actually it kind of reminds me of “Akai Coat” with its straightforward arrangement and Kenji’s soft vocals.  It’s not the most intriguing song Kenji has done since I’ve started reviewing him, but it’s solid so it’s not a big loss I guess…

2. Universe

Moving into the B-sides, the intro for Universe is something different for me since it sounds a little darker than Kenji’s more uplifting and fun songs.  Kenji himself sounds a little different than normal as well which is a nice change, I think he’s on some filter but not much.  It’s catchy and I really like how he dealt with the song…one of his better tracks to date!

3. Squall

Kenji brings the instrumentation back up to a good and peppy feel but also keeps the the interesting lyrics intact.  I really love the verses since they’re so airy and smooth while the chorus is louder and has more of a punch.  I really found myself loving this song a lot (though Kenji could’ve sound less mechanical in the chorus).  Another great song on the single!

4. Taka no Sora ~Ruterute Bozu~

Interesting to see Kenji have a bonus track on the single and it looks like it’s a song he did with idep (familiar name, but I’m not sure where I’ve heard his name elsewhere).  Though unlike the rest of the single, it sounds pretty much experimental pop since it’s got synths and a lot of piano.  Kenji’s low vocals kind of sound cool behind all the weird knickknacks of the arrangement.  It’s pretty charming to say the least and it can be pretty good when it wants to be, but idep might have overdone his skills here.



It’s been a while since we’ve heard Kenji so it’s nice he came back with slow dance.  The main track isn’t something that we haven’t heard before from him so it’s a tad bland, but he made up with all the B-sides.  Universe was a sweet pop/rock track from him, Squall too a little more experimentation which was also nice to hear and Taka no Sora was purely charming…I can’t wait for his next single!


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