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AKB48 – UZA November 1, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. UZA
  2. Tsugi no Season
  3. Kodoku no Hoshizora (New Team A) (Type A only)
  4. Scrap & Build (New Team K) (Type K only)
  5. Seigi no Mikata ja Nai Hero (New Team B) (Type B only)
  6. Otona e no Michi (Kenkyuusei) (Theater Edition only)
  7. UZA off vocal ver.
  8. Tsugi no Season off vocal ver.
  9. Kodoku no Hoshizora off vocal ver.
  10. Scrap & Build off vocal ver.
  11. Seigi no Mikata ja Nai Hero off vocal ver.
  12. Otona e no Michi off vocal ver.

1. UZA

So it’s that time of year again, the “cool” song from the group.  UZA luckily falls into Halloween and it seriously is one of their darkest sounding tracks to date!  It sounds creepy and adds this underground dance feel that I felt was awesome.  With Mayuyu and Jurina at the reins, nothing could really stop the song from being epic!  I am a little surprised that I hear auto-tune where it was unnecessary but I can forgive it since it suits the mood of the track.  Not as good as previous cool songs, but it fits with them quite snuggly!

2. Tsugi no Season

Then I move into the B-side on all singles and I immediately though of “Heavy Rotation” because of the similar upbeat and cherry mood mixed with guitars.  Yeah, it’s a little bit underwhelming when compared to “UZA”.  The vocals are slightly better because they aren’t auto-tuned but the song just seems to fly over my head as a “Heavy Rotation” clone.

3. Kodoku no Hoshizora

So at the 3-day event that included Acchan’s graduation, there was news of the Teams being shifted around for new members.  So the whole New Team A etc. just means it’s the group that has been made from that point in time.  New Team A’s song Kodoku no Hoshizora is a much lighter affair than the other songs on the single and for that it really stood out to me.  The fact that it’s a ballad kind of made me curious and while it’s not the best I’ve heard…it’s nice just not memorable lol.

4. Scrap & Build

Team K always get cool songs as well which surprised me that they ended up with something that’s kind of bland in this case.  The guitar riffs are probably the reason that I continued to pay attention, but otherwse this song really didn’t do much for me.  Being a Team K song though, I’m sure it’ll worm its way into my head.

5. Seigi no Mikata ja Nai Hero

Tean B’s track though sounds like it’s from an anime with that intro and heavy guitarword but synth horns included as well.  I can’t believe that I find myself enjoying this a bit though since the track has a little more effort and the voices are a bit stronger as well.  Usually Team K songs are cute abrasions, but this actually isn’t half bad.

6. Otona e no Michi

No surprise that the Kenkyuusei gets the Theater Edition only song but hey whatever promotes them right?  Oddly enough it’s also another ballad but it’s a little more like “Koko ni Ita Koto” where it’s all in unison and just is there to be that feelgood and uplifting track.  Something we’ve seen time and time again so this is kind of blaaand.



As we get into the cool single of the year, UZA is a really great song from them but it seems that their best A-sides of the year are these kind of songs (which Aki.P should seriously do more of and no more of those shitty Janken singles).  However with UZA being so good, the rest of the singles falls flat.  Kodoku no Hoshizora and Otona e no Michi were the ballads of the single and neither of them stood out to me.  Then there was Tsugi no Season which was just merely a “Heavy Rotation” clone and Scrap & Build is just a little bland all over the place.  Seriously the only B-side worth it is Seigi no Mikata ja Nai Hero since it has a certain anison flare.  So 1/3 of the single is good but the other 2/3 is just mehhhh.


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