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mihimaru GT – Banzai Sanshou!!! November 1, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Banzai Sanshou!!!
  2. Bakapoji “Don’t stop the music”
  3. DE.SU.NE
  4. Banzai Sanshou!!! (Instrumental)
  5. Bakapoji “Don’t stop the music” (Instrumental)
  6. DE.SU.NE (Instrumental)

1. Banzai Sanshou!!!

Starting the single, Banzai Sanshou!!! opens up in a completely strange way for me with horns and strings in a classical fashion but it turns into this hip-hop fusion which is different but kind of cool in a way.  miyake starts essentially with a pretty cool rap with hiroko following him with some singing.  It’s lively and kind of fun for the duo since they’ve been slightly lagging in recent times so this is a nice comeback.

2. Bakapoji “Don’t stop the music”

The first B-side is more quirky and silly to listen to but I kind of like that whole 80’s pop sound which is like a blast of nostalgia for me.  Of course hiroko this time is leading which is rather cool and she fits this sugary sound.  I feel like it’s trying to be “Switch” but with less oomph which is nice but the song needed something more to make it feel more complete.


I’m a little confused to see this song get a PV and yet it’s not on the DVD >.<.  This song is VERY weird when compared to the previous two tracks for sure.  It’s has that whole urban hip-hop feel but is also quite funky as well which is cool…plus the PV is totally absurd LOL.  hiroko does some rapping, but it doesn’t seem to flow as good as miyake who shined in the track.  Though this song’s chorus is quite annoying with that call and response of ~desu ne, desu ne~…really vague.



It feels like it’s been so long since mihimaru GT released “One Time” and with the second single, Banzai Sanshou!!! brought back the randomness of the duo and it’s something I’ve missed.  The leading track was classy but also totally them.  Bakapoji was more a nostalgic trip but it’s good for what it is and DE.SU.NE was random at its finest.  There were a couple issues, but this single was good for the most part.


One Response to “mihimaru GT – Banzai Sanshou!!!”

  1. Spade Says:

    I appreciated the A-side on this one, but it didn’t spark with me. I loved Don’t stop the music right away (fun song!), and once I got on DE.SU.NE’s wavelength it became my other favorite track from this single.

    DE.SU.NE is a sort of homage to 1994’s DA.YO.NE by East End x Yuri, which was the first Japanese hip-hop single to sell over a million copies, sparking the hip hop movement there. (You can even hear miyake starting to rap “da yo ne” at the start of the track before hiroko interrupts him.) So it’s cool to hear mihmaru GT’s take on the track which paved the way for their sound.

    You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_End_X_Yuri

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