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CASSIS – Magic C November 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Magic C
  2. Love So Serious
  3. Sweet Melody
  4. Magic C (Instrumental)

1. Magic C

I’m not sure why but I really like Magic C for some raason, it’s got such a cool and funky vibe to it compared to “LOVE AUTOMATIC” that I actually prefer this track because it’s sexy in the right light.  Plus the ladies sound really nice (especially since it sounds like they all get lines).  It doesn’t have as much bang as their previous single but the song is good regardless.

2. Love So Serious

I’m a little surprised Love So Serious is a lot like “Magic C” with it’s funky atmosphere and use of horns, but I actually liked this more because it was more funky and upbeat…plus the ladies are shooting lyrics quite quickly in solo sections.  Yeah it’s definitely a song to hear at the club…not as epic as “STAND UP” was, but this is pretty damn good!

3. Sweet Melody

The other B-side though is kind of lame compared to the other two tracks.  First off it’s a lot simpler of a song with synth blips and mainly an R&B track.  At some points it felt like only one of the ladies led the song but that’s fixed in the chorus.  Still, it’s kind of underwhelming of a song and just didn’t leave as much of an impact like the other two tracks were.



The second and final single under the name CASSIS, Magic C would’ve been just as awesome as their debut had it not been for Sweet Melody which sounds like mundane R&B with an unknown MC to boot.  At least Magic C and Love So Serious picked up the slack even though they aren’t as electro as their first single.  Sadly after this single CASSIS goes into hiatus loses a member and returns as sherry a year later…


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