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Harenchi☆Punch – Doki Doki! My Sister Soul November 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Doki Doki! My Sister Soul
  2. Neko Nyan Dance
  3. Otome no Otoshimono
  4. Doki Doki! My Sister Soul -instrumental-
  5. Neko Nyan Dance -instrumental-

1. Doki Doki! My Sister Soul

After “Megaphone” I was curious to what we’ll end up next and I have to say that I kind of like My Sister Soul since it has the great vocals and rapping sections intact.  The song kind of suits the whole airy theme and the girls like I said sound really good, much better than their previous singles!  A pretty solid track from them!

2. Neko Nyan Dance

For the first B-side, Neko Nyan Dance in comparison to the A-side is more synth heavy and also sounds heavily more idol-like than anything previous.  It’s upbeat and cutesy, but the problem here is the vocals are slightly underwhelming because they took the track into more of a cuter route.  Yeah this isn’t my kind of song but it might intrigue some people.

3. Otome no Otoshimono

The other B-side on the other hand is the single’s ballad track and I find myself liking the guitars in the song quite a bit!  It’s kind of slightly sluggish, but the song has probably the nicest vocals amongst the three since it sounds like Mako, Saya, and Tomomi are actually trying to harmonize together.  Nice tune and much better than “Neko Nyan Dance”.



So as the trio’s last single of the era (and the last single as their names Harenchi☆Punch.  Doki Doki! My Sister Soul is actually a pretty good single if only for the two tracks that I really liked.  The only thing that’s not so good is Neko Nyan Dance since it’s vocally meh and the song itself is just bleh as well.  To think that made the album’s cut over Otome no Otoshimono is baffling!


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