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Kana Nishino – Always November 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Always
  2. Happy Song
  3. Love you, Miss you

1. Always

It hasn’t been a full two months and Kanayan releases a new A-side in Always.  Unlike most of her older ballads, Always is slightly different by using acoustic guitar and strings along with some guitars as well which is great putting making it stand out.  However, like “Watashitachi”, it doesn’t resonate well with me and I only remember the arrangement and not Kana’s vocals.  It’s OK, but I’m certain it’s not one of her best songs.

2. Happy Song

I’ve gotten so used to Kanayan’s pattern to her singles that it’s just second hand now.  Happy Song is the happier and joyous tune and while it feels like it’s almost close to “Distance” in style, it’s not a bad song since I found myself enjoying Kana’s voice a lot!  It’s just light and pretty and fun to dance to.

3. Love you, Miss you

As the single’s second B-side, Love you, Miss you starts off lightly but quickly moves into more of a solid synth track but unlike her previous second B-sides, the song isn’t as heavy as I was expecting but it also kind of reminds me of “Distance” as well >.<.  That said, I don’t like as much as her bangers which are usually found here.



I think Kana should take a break because like I said, it hasn’t been two months after “Love Place” and we’re getting this.  Always is OK, but I don’t think it has longevity like most of her singles do.  Always is a nice ballad but forgettable and both Happy Song and Love you, Miss you are kind of like split “Distance” clones…I wish this single had a banger tbh…


2 Responses to “Kana Nishino – Always”

  1. Did not like this single personally AT ALL.
    Always was an okay listen, I agree, but nothing stuck on me afterwards 😮
    Anyway, nice review!

  2. Nana_Chee Says:

    Nice review~ but personally, lyric wise, Always is a simple song that touches the heart and made me cry every time I listen to it (haha~). I like the song very much..

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