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Rina Aiuchi – Mint November 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Mint
  2. yellow carpet
  3. Mint -japanative cruise mix-
  4. Mint -instrumental-
  5. yellow carpet -instrumental-

1. Mint

For as long as I’ve been listening to Rina, I never expected her to pull off a bubblegum pop that almost mirrors BoA’s “Nanairo no Ashita”.  The song is just sugary all over the place.  Sometimes, I actually really think the song is charming and Rina’s voice suits the song, other times, it’s just incredibly cheesy that I can’t help but just gag a little bit.  Not as good as “Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru” but this song is charming ~sometimes~ xD

2. yellow carpet

At least thigns are brought back to normality with the B-side which sounds like something that could be on “DELIGHT” since it’s back to that pseudo pop/rock with more emphasis on the synths.  It’s a little plain in areas and I feel as if Rina’s isn’t really into the song as well which gave it’s bored feeling.  I kind of prefer “Mint” more tbh.

3. Mint -japanative cruise mix-

So closing the single is a remix of Mint and it’s a pretty lengthy one at over 7 minutes.  Now that out of the way, the remix isn’t terrible since it’s light and breezy and there’s some acoustic guitar thrown in the mix.  It’s just that it’s too long for its own good.  Still not bad.



As the era’s 3nd single, Mint was something that was out of the norm with Rina.  Mint was just surprisingly sugary pop for me and it’s a little cheesy but sometimes I just like it for the sparkly arrangement and nice vocals.  yellow carpet is just bland “DELIGHT” songs….the remix was nice but too long….yeah she needs to bring it back!


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