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YuiKaori – Wake Up!! November 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Wake Up!!
  2. Yubikiri Calender
  3. Wake Up!! (off vocal ver.)
  4. Yukikiri Calender (off vocal ver.)

1. Wake Up!!

When I listened to Wake Up!!, I IMMEDIATELY thought of “Puppy” from the last album because they sound so similar and has this same early 90’s cartoon intro feel which is so ridiculous but I have a soft spot for that.  Unlike the aforementioned track, there isn’t quick speaking found so it’s entirely all song and I really found myself getting all giddy for this.  Now this is their best A-side yet!!!

2. Yubikiri Calender

The B-side is actually more of a mid-tempo for the duo and it’s a bit of a surprise me because of that reason alone.  It’s a safe song and it’s pleasant enough but it’s so clear that Kaori is the better singer still by a long shot but I’m OK with this for the most part.  Not a stand-out, but this is nice for what it is.



YuiKaori seem to get better with each single since their debut album.  Wake Up!! is definitely their best effort yet.  The title track is a bit like “Puppy” you can’t deny that, but the reasons I loved that song was amplified here and I LOVE IT!  Yubikiri Calender is nice, not totally at their best, but it’s on the positive side of things ^^


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