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Eri Kitamura – Destiny November 8, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Destiny
  2. SHINE
  3. Destiny -off vocal ver.-
  4. SHINE -off vocal ver.-

1. Destiny

Even though I listened to her first album, Destiny marks as my first A-side reviewed!  As I’m already used to her through ARTERY VEIN, Destiny does come off as familar to me since it’s got a heavy anison feel with guitars, piano, and strings which is always a good mix if treated the right way.  Eri sounds great though and she powers through quite easily!  This is pretty awesome for the most part but I like “re;story” much better.


SHINE at first sounded like it was going to be the ballad because it was slower and simple but then furious guitar riffs and a heavier instrumentation is added in and I’M LOVING this a lot!!  Eri’s vocals are so good and the chorus slows down giving it an epic touch.  It’s a really powerful song (much louder than “Destiny” shockingly enough). 



Eri begins her second era with a pretty awesome single in Destiny.  I was hoping that Eri would do more darker stuff like some of the songs from “RE;STORY” and it’s great that she did and both the leading track and SHINE are great examples of that.  If you want a good place to start, I’d say this is a worthy place *RECOMMENDED*


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