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GRANRODEO – DARK SHAME November 8, 2012

Filed under: GRANRODEO — solarblade @ 9:30 pm

Track Listing

  2. Brand New DAY
  4. Brand New DAY (OFF VOCAL)


Something about DARK SHAME reminds me of T.M.Revolution for some reason, maybe it’s from that synth arrangement but it’s pretty cool since KISHOW gives such an awesome performance and his voice suited the atmosphere quite well.  It’s not as badass as some of the songs from “CRACK STAR FLASH” but this is a good follow-up and one of their more memorable A-sides.

2. Brand New DAY

Only one B-side this time?!?  That’s new to me… Brand New DAY is kind of the total opposide to “DARK SHAME’s” synth by being more focused on e-ZUKA’s guitarwork.  This song is pretty run-of-the-mill for GRANRODEO, but it’s a little brighter and happier which might not work very well for them, but I don’t think it’s a terrible track, just slightly normal stuff.



It hasn’t even been a full month since “CRACK STAR FLASH” was released and GRANRODEO is already beginning a new era.  DARK SHAME is pretty unique for the duo since they relied on synths for the most part, but it turned out well…even if it sounds like something T.M.Revolution would release.  Brand New DAY is kind of cheesy, but it’s OK…nothing amazing though.  Not bad of a single but they have better.


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