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Kanon Wakeshima – Foul Play ni Kurari/Sakura Meikyuu November 8, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Foul Play ni Kurari
  2. Sakura Meikyuu
  3. Foul Play ni Kurari -instrumental-
  4. Sakura Meikyuu -instrumental-

1. Foul Play ni Kurari

It’s been so long since Kanon did anything, and with Foul Play ni Kurari it sounds she kind of stuck to the cuter side of things which is a bit strange since I’m so used to her dark songs.  Then again she’s on Warner so I guess it makes sense since her producer isn’t the same.  Foul Play ni Kurari has some great moments like the waltz-y parts but everything else is kind of cute anison-ish stuff.  Kanon’s vocals are a bit squeaky but I can handle it.

2. Sakura Meikyuu

At least with the other A-side, Sakura Meikyuu kind of goes back to the darker side (not as creepy as her first two singles) but this is quite nice and almost reminds me of a mix of her solo SONY days and her short stint with AN CAFE’s kanon.  I enjoyed it quite a bit and still entranced by Kanon’s cello skills.  It’s definitely the better track of the single…but it’s not creepy as I would like it to be personally.



WOW it has been a long time since Kanon released a single by herself (last single was 2008’s “Suna no Oshiro”) and since then she’s switched labels (seems like EVERYONE is leaving SONY) and joined Warner Japan and released her first single Foul Play ni Kurari/Sakura Meikyuu.  To be honest, it kind of sounds like it is something after “Shoujo Jikake no Libretto” but both songs lack the creepyness that I’ve grown accustomed to.  Foul Play is a bit too cute for me and her vocals aren’t that great here while Sakura Meikyuu sounds like a good kanon×kanon song but not as heavy on the guitars.  Overall not a terrible single, but of the 3, this is the worst one she’s released.


4 Responses to “Kanon Wakeshima – Foul Play ni Kurari/Sakura Meikyuu”

  1. Kion Says:

    hmmm i might need to check this out…havent listened to her solo stuff in awhile…..oh and you should really check out Meties RECUR to MIND (Kaya’s original band from the late 90s that released maybe a demotape or two…they got back together and did a single together with a new track and re-recorded stuff)

  2. bladeblur Says:

    Who else left Sony recently? I only know of SEAMO

    • solarblade Says:

      recently HIMEKA and ORANGE RANGE too and sfp being disbanded…I think in the last couple of years SONY’s been losing bands like crazy and I’m not sure why

  3. O___O does a double take. THAT’S Kanon?
    I’m still really wanting to check this single out just for the pure fact that she’s been out of the music picture for SO long! Kinda sad to hear that it’s not one of her creepy songs though. TT _ TT

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