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Shoujo Jidai – FLOWER POWER November 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  3. Girls’ Generation II Smash-Up


SNSD have been kind of shady during this era releasing not-so-good songs (and “Oh!”) and it just seems to get weirder with FLOWER POWER which tries to put the group in a sexier and edgier glow, but it feels like with the lyrics, the song is just quite cheesy and doesn’t make much to me (plus their English is just yikes here).  I do like the arrangement the most, but otherwise, thist song just doesn’t work and I rather listen to “PAPARAZZI” again.


Then the B-side comes in and I’m kind of intrigued by the song since it’s more of a cuter and synth-front track.  I do feel so torn about it though.  I mean, it’s no “Gee” but it has that same vein and kind of has the same tactics as well.  I guess some of my meh comes from the fact that the verses are mostly spoken and there’s phone sounds are all over the place.  Plus the repetition of ~beep beep beep~ kind of irks me.

3. Girls’ Generation II Smash-Up

  • T.O.P.
  • I’m a Diamond
  • Reflection
  • Animal
  • Girls & Peace

So like with a couple of other J-pop groups have done before, we get a little taste of what’s going to be on their upcoming album and I’m more excited for this than the single preceding it.  You get a pretty good lengthy preview of the 5 new tracks plus PAPARAZZI.  For what I’ve heard, I think Animal and T.O.P. are going to be favorites of mine.  The other three tracks are definitely going to need the full versions for me to see if I truly enjoy them because right now…they aren’t lookin’ too well…still a pretty good review and doesn’t spoil ALL the new tracks luckily.



As SNSD closes their sophomore era out, we get one more single in FLOWER POWER and I’m kind of feelin’ the same way I have been for the other two singles in the era.  There’s something missing IMO and the songs don’t shine as bright as stuff on their first album did.  FP has a cool arrangement and all, but damn the lyrics are just ew (especially that chorus).  BEEP BEEP does better but only by a little bit as I feel their vocals took a push back.  The smash-up is just a little incentive to the fans who are excited for their album…let’s hope it won’t crash and burn!


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