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SID – V.I.P November 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. V.I.P
  2. Soumatou
  3. Sympathy (Live from TOUR 2012 “M&W”)
  4. V.I.P -Anime Ver.- (Anime edition only)
  5. V.I.P -Instrumental-

1. V.I.P

After “S”, I was kind of wanting to see SID continue releasing hard stuff since it was a breath of fresh air and all that.  With V.I.P, they kind of took their sound to an interesting area and it sounds WAYYYY anison…like almost 5pb. worthy!  I’m not used to it and it really felt uncharacteristic for them to be pulling this off (something tells me they’re trying to be less of what they used to be).  I don’t know it’s a weird song for me to be honest.

2. Soumatou

I love hearing erhu so it made me happy to hear Soumatou begin with a pretty intro and keep it going.  The song does have more of a rockin’ feel and less anison than “V.I.P” and I really enjoyed hearing a pretty song like this.  The chorus does remind me of some of the songs from “M&W” but it stands out primarily because of the erhu presence.  Not bad and I was more comfortable listening to this.

3. Sympathy (Live from TOUR 2012 “M&W”)

I definitely remember Sympathy since it was one of my 5 top favorites from “dead stock” and I remember it being the edgy and cool closing track as well.  Seeing the single having a live version had got me excited for sure!  Mao sounds sooo good live (I think I’ve said that everytime I reviewed a live track).  The energy is great and the crowd is loving it as well.  Just a great song live!



As they start their 4th major era, V.I.P is a very odd way to start it off IMO.  V.I.P is such a strange conundrum of uncharacteristic vibes and strange dive into the anison world (granted SID has done many anime themes, but none that sounded so…typical anison…).  Soumatou might not be their most unique B-side, but the erhu was a nice touch to what could’ve been a plain rock song….and the live take of Sympathy was great…Overall it’s just a strange single…


5 Responses to “SID – V.I.P”

  1. bladeblur Says:

    Really YOU didn’t like it? I think it’s SID’s best song since Ranbu no Melody. It’s not hard rock but the instruments have much more power, especially in the seconds verse. You usually like the unique SID songs, and it is definitely better than Itsuka, Norioga and Fuyu no Bench, heck I think it’s even better than S

    • solarblade Says:

      I think I just need time with it…it’s just so…anison….like I don’t usually say that about SID’s songs but this was mega. I’m sure it’ll catch on though since there is some things I like

      • bladeblur Says:

        I don’t even see where the anison comparison is since it doesn’t like the traditional seiyuu song, thankfully.

  2. icymirage Says:

    I think Soumatou is a great song especially with the erhu and the prominent guitar sounds throughout the song (not to mention the solo!).

    V.I.P should grow on you as time goes by which was the case with me. 🙂 The arrangement of V.I.P is actually quite good from what I can hear in the instrumental version.

    Thanks for the review! It is nice to read your reviews be it good, neutral or bad ones! For me, V.I.P isn’t a bad single overall. Maybe it is just the being a major band in Sony that causes music production to be unexpected at times.

    • solarblade Says:

      I think SID has always been random with their songs (usually it’s the B-sides that are the most unexpected songs)…so V.I.P kind of reversed the roles simply.

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