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sphere – Pride on Everyday November 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Pride on Everyday
  2. Watashi♪NOTE to#Pencil
  3. Pride on Everyday (Off Vocal)
  4. Watashi♪NOTE to#Pencil (Off Vocal)

1. Pride on Everyday

With sphere I’ve kind of gotten used to the songs they were releasing, but with Pride on Everyday it’s like they took their usual formula and just bombarded it with sugary cuteness!  Add in that it feels like the girls are shouting the lyrics and it kind of just turned into this generic idol song which really made me frown.  I’m just not really into this song for some reason.

2. Watashi♪NOTE to#Pencil

The B-side (with the symbol hax) in my mind sounded like it was going to be 100x more cuter and I was almost correct.  The vocals for this song are a bit higher pitched and there’s some trouble harmonizing but this song is kind of charming and cute in its own way.  I’ve noticed that I haven’t heard the girls individually here (nor in the A-side really) and I’m kind of wanting solo lines.  I will say the song’s arrangement kind of gives me H!P feels and I’m not sure if I like it or not.



Starting their 4th era together, sphere kicks things off on a low note with Pride on Everyday.  I think for me, the single comes off as more idolly and less anison than their previous singles and the fact that solo lines were few and far apart here…it just felt off for the quartet.  I will say the B-side stands out much better than Pride of Everyday, but not by much.


7 Responses to “sphere – Pride on Everyday”

  1. Awww, too bad 😦 I really fell in love with sphere with Hazy, and I recently snatched up this single. Will still check it out for the B-side though. Thanks for the review!

  2. Spade Says:

    I agree that Pride on Everyday felt more skewed toward generic idol-pop than their usual quality level. It also had an odd mixed throwback feel, like it combined their recent up-tempo rock-type singles with the sound of their first album – this song wouldn’t have sounded too out of place on ATMOSPHERE.

    And you definitely nailed it when you mentioned the H!P feel to the B-side, I thought the exact same thing! Something about song’s arrangement and production gave me flashbacks to my many listens through Morning Musume’s Sexy 8 Beat album back in the day. (All we’d need would be Koharu’s voice squeaking around somewhere in the mix.)

    • solarblade Says:

      I agree with the PoE does sound like its something from ATMOSPHERE, but there’s something about it that felt so un-sphere-like to me.

      YEAH! sounds like SEXY 8 BEAT sound…and various others…I’m surprised they didnt make Aki sing most of the song since she kind of has that weird voice like Koharu had.

      • Spade Says:

        Ha! Truthfully, I really enjoy Aki’s voice when it’s in the right musical context (whoever writes and arranges her solo stuff is a genius, IMO), but every so often the sphere arrangers make some really dumbfounding choices. (Putting Aki’s solo vocals on the second half of the second verse of “REALOVE:REALIFE”? What were they thinking??) Koharu’s voice, on the other hand, always irritated me. (I made the mistake once of listening to Mitsuboshi all the way through – OW MY EARS)

        I was listening to PoE again to figure out where the “un-sphere-like” feeling comes from. I think a big part of it is the very J-Pop guitar solo line that starts the song out, which doesn’t seem quite right for their style, and feels different from the guitar solos which pop up in the middle of their other songs. It’s weird because many of the musical elements in PoE feel like they could be “Non stop road 2”, yet they’re deployed in a way that feels off.

        Combine this with the unexpectedly H!P sound of the B-side, I’m starting to wonder if they’ve significantly changed songwriters or producers behind the scenes. (Kind of like how Dream’s sound started changing after composer Daisuke Suzuki and producer Mitsuru Igarashi went on to day after tomorrow – it was heartbreaking to listen to misono warble her way thru music that Kana, Yu and Mai would have totally nailed.)

        I have a huge amount of respect for the folks who wrote and arranged the music for sphere’s second and third albums, so I’m really hoping I’m wrong about a regime change behind the scenes. Hopefully this single was just a weird fluke, and they’ll return to the great work they were doing previously!

      • solarblade Says:

        Know what ya mean, I think sphere was doing something new with producers/writers…though I also think they just kind of fell flat which could be anything.

        Aki, I do want to enjoy her, but she is my least favorite of the sphere members…maybe some extra training would help her get a stronger voice perhaps

      • Spade Says:

        It *did* seem like she was singing with a stronger voice on some of her solo vocal lines on the newer songs from Third Planet. Like at the start of the second verse of Planet Freedom, and again around the 3:25 mark, she had a much clearer and less breathy tone. So, perhaps if they’d let the girls have distinctive solo lines on PoE, we might have heard more of that kind of progress from her?

        (Incidentally, I’m finding that PoE is growing on me a bit…)

  3. bladeblur Says:

    Am I the only who think this is their best song to date?

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